Why didn't Jehovah know the flood wouldn't work?

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Psalm 104:9 You set a boundary they (waters) cannot cross never again

    will they cover the earth. Obviously if the waters never again covered the earth

    then the flood must have been local. God creation of earth.

    Make sense???

    God prevented the seas from covering the entire earth.


    Why did "GOD" allow evil in the first place?!?! He should have known that "Satan" turned evil. Why not destroy "Satan" immediately, before he could corrupt the other Angels??

    "The Angels would have wondered why God killed Satan.", some would say. Well.....BS!!!! All-knowing God could beam the info into the brains of the Angels. It's all a bunch of crappolla!!!!


  • prologos

    May be the creator is not Jehovah, the rather limited personality cooked up in the Canaanite Region.

    May be the creator is more like us in the sense, that as an eternal being he is already in the future, watching what evolves. watching the news of what happens as we move through time toward him.

    Flood? too many facts found against farfetched fable.

  • LisaRose

    There are so many logic errors in the whole flood story you would almost think it's just some kind of made up story and not true at all, lol.

    Like, why did God need a flood, he couldn't he have just instantly killed everyone but Noah and his family? He is supposedly all powerful, right? That seems like a lot less work. Or better yet, why not just make them all sterile, that way innocent children wouldn't die, same end result, no unnecessary deaths.

    And if the fresh water from the canopy covered the earth, wouldn't the salt water fish all die from the massive infusion of fresh water? And where did that water then go? And how much water would it take to cover mount Everest? Quite a bit I would think, more than actually exists on the earth.

  • Finkelstein

    I'd like to know why Jehovah had to kill all the children . I'm sure there was some good kids, he didn't have to whack all of them .

  • Tenacious

    I was thinking about this the other day. Specifically I was thinking how Jehovah said he was going to wipe out every single human. Yet, somehow, of the thousands upon thousands of people living then somehow Noah and his family gained God's favor?

    Had Jehovah wiped everyone off the map, through who would the Messiah come from?

    Questions like this drive me nuts. Yet, they plant seeds of doubt about the veracity of some Biblical stories.

    What about if some passages have been completely corrupted? What if some books were purposely omitted to fit a Church narrative? What determined if a book would be included or excluded from the Canon?

    Definitely something I continue to meditate and research further.

  • Saved_JW

    1- The purpose of the flood was never to "Do away with evil" it was a just punishment according to his righteous standards. I can say this since there was a prophecy in the garden that the seed of Eve would bruise Satan in the head. This was not to be done away with at the flood, instead it would be accomplished on the cross.

    2- Preserving Satan allows Gods purposes to be accomplished in the end. God will allow evil to exist to fulfill his ultimate purpose in creation, namely for His Glory.

  • prologos

    Saved_jw:-" The purpose of the flood was never to "Do away with evil" it was a just punishment according to his righteous standards"

    wow, so the mass killings, near extinctions of the "flood" set a standard for today's war crimes?. Carpet bombing of civilians, Coventry, tokyo, ethnic cleansing?, Explains too, why prayers for help are not answered, "He" would not interfere when his righteous standards being applied.

    It is like the wt writers on a monthly basis trotting out "david" as an example of a wt hero, family destroyer, murderer, adulterer, unrepentant until exposed, personally unpunished.

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