What would happen if the Watchtower decided no more meeting at Kingdom Halls, only Zoom?

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  • asp59

    You don't disfellowship elder that's 80 year's old in organization that's not working anymore. Think this is part of they want too go online. All insane elders that are in there own planet and org can not control anymore.

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    asp59, That is whipping the "proverbial" horse to death isn't it?

  • asp59

    Many congregations couldn't pay rent before convid. Kingdom halls sold all over the place. No new ones coming from the territory. The only one left are the elderly that been supporting congregations for decade's. Now they being kicked out. This is like lala land. Just insanity 😂. Most elders are in there little planet. They don't see the big picture with a organizations that's crumbling. They think the only congregation having trouble is there. And it must be cause someone committed an error. It's a freak show i tell you 🤡🤡🤡.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I am just speculating, but Watchtower may be pleased to shake out the rif raf. People that "won't go back" just don't donate enough money. Let the Kingdom Hall sales continue.

  • asp59

    I suppose if they gonna go back to kingdom halls they need to transform the organization. They need too bring in people with money. Get out old JWs and do org more appealing to wealthy people.

  • Vidiot

    Transitioning to an e-religion was long rumored, and Covid's given them all the pretext they needed.

    The fact that virtually all the other churches are back up and running does nothing but support that, IMO.

    You guys are right, though...

    ...in-person group activities like KH meetings and field service were crucial in maintaining internal solidarity, cohesion, and discipline.

    Without it, the fakers, faders, and fence-sitters have virtually zero incentive left.

  • FFGhost

    My best guess is Zoom for the "midweek" meetings and "in person" on the weekends.

    It's going to be a bear for them to try to get the R&F motivated to get back to door to door though. It's well over a year since it's been done and I'd bet it wouldn't start up again for at least another year.

    After 2-3 years of writing letters in your pajamas on Saturday morning, how are they going to get folks to wake up early, get dressed, travel to the KH, walk around in extreme heat or cold, and knock on the doors of houses that are 90% empty?

    There will always be the zealots and the ones who will grudgingly do so out of fear of losing their meager "privileges", but for Joe & Suzy Average Publisher, who have no such incentive? It's going to be harder than they (the GB) can imagine.

  • Phizzy

    The G.B are undecided which way to go with this maybe. I could be generous and say they are being very cautious and looking after the well-being of the Flock by not opening up K.H's at present.

    But they have always been reactive, and slow to catch on to what is needed, so they are merely dithering IMHO.

    I think if they decide to go fully on-line only they will lose their growth in the 3rd World, then the withering away of support will be so easily seen by even faithful die-hards. At present there is growth, but not anything significant in the bits of the World that are Internet connected.

    They will eventually go on-line only no doubt. But will achieve it slowly, and stealthily, and it will all be a " Blessing from Jehovah" !

  • notsurewheretogo

    The GB will see Zoom working to some degree and sell off the KH's and they will see the cash as more important than anything then a KH will then be shared among many congs and perhaps once a month they meet in it?

  • pistolpete

    They will eventually go on-line only no doubt. But will achieve it slowly, and stealthily, and it will all be a " Blessing from Jehovah" !

    I think this or something like this will be their strategy.I don't believe they will just spout out that all kingdom hall meetings will cease.

    The reason is because that's not how the Watchtower works. For example, they knew a long time beforehand that the "Teaching" of the generation would not die-----would somehow have to be discarded. Did they spout it out immediately. NO! Instead they Slowly and patiently started giving hints that the Generation Jesus talked about "COULD POSSIBLY MEAN SOMETHING ELSE"

    After years, then finally, the OVERLAPPING GENERATION WAS INTRODUCE.

    So I'm sure that eventually Kingdom Halls will be open, they will encourage the member to attend, but little by little they will continue to sell off Kingdom Halls, until eventually they decide to drop the ball and say;

    NEW LIGHT; Jehovah is directing the organization to go ON-LINE. Friends, the reason we have come to this conclusion------Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah.

    By this time the membership WORLD WIDE will have shrunk to a couple of million. Mostly brain dead individuals.

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