Is the ministry really taken seriously by most JWs?

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  • Samcats

    Reach more people with super bowl or world cup commercials

  • Diogenesister
    Journey man My favourite part of ministry was actually having Bible discussions/studies, because you knew the person wanted to be there, and it was a chance to really dig deeper and discuss their thoughts and feelings. But opportunities for these got rarer and rarer, partly due to increased lack of interest, but also partly due to the watering down of the study materials we were supposed to use.

    100% I loved my Bible studies. Even the crazy ones! The students who were really interested were so enjoyable. Most of the time you had to hold them back because they'd zip through the books so fast (I mean not surprising given the material). But there was so much more to delve in to back then - even if most of it turned out to be least it was imaginative!!😜

    I think it would be depressing to do a study now. Unless it was a six year old child who was studying. I'd find the material and the questions embarrassing to ask an adult - unless they were literally learning the language!🙄

  • Diogenesister
    Journey Man I said before, I do think the cart witnessing itself was not a bad idea, but the way the org has implemented it is totally ineffective, telling publishers not to engage passers-by unless they are first approached.
    When it was first introduced (here in Europe at least), publishers could offer literature held in their hands, and could engage passers-by in conversation. That seems much more appealing (to those who might be interested, of course) and more potentially effective

    I think worst thing isn't just that they don't actively engage people. The worst thing, at least for me, is the fact that if anyone does approach them all they do - all they've been instructed to do - is direct you to jW dot org!!! They won't seem to discuss anything but their ruddy Website in all its thousand and one languaged glory!!

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