JW elder on the street I live in.

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  • sparky1

    "Robot love is forever"......................unless you are a Jehovah's Witness robot.

  • Dunedain

    I have always said, that the average JW, cares more for a total stranger they meet at the door, than a "weak" one within their own congregation.

    When the "love" is fake, which most of the time it is, they don't care for a "weak" one in the congregation, because that "weak" one cant do/give them anything.

    What the average JW wants, is accolades, studies, hours, and SUPERFICIAL nonsense, that JW'ism has taught is what is really important.

    It is NOT about the person, or human, they are studying with. It is about the time they can count from that person. It is about the "praise" that comes with having a study. It is about being able to put a number 1, under the "study" row on a time card.

    If you are a study, or basically a STRANGER, you are "love bombed", and it appears on the surface to be such a loving group of people. However, as you look just beneath the surface, you see something very different, and far uglier. The "candy coating" is covering a rancid, and deep "rot". A "cancer" of evil thrives, just under the skin. All dead, all rotten, all putrid. This "disease" spreads like a "plague", and permeates most in the congregations.

    "The stench, and sins, have amassed high into the heavens". Beware those that come with a phony smile, and pat on the back. These ones do not bring "true love", only conditional, false, copies, of what they think love is.

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