Forget 1914, the 1975 generation are now passing away!

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  • Reasonfirst

    Yup! and how many 'generations' have come and gone in the centuries since. And yet, untold millions (who made up the generations) have believed that it will happen "one day." Idiot christians !!!!!

  • bbqbob

    I was around in 75, prepared for the worst, hoped for the best. Do you folks now attend another faith?

  • NotFormer

    Some do, some have turned their backs on religion altogether, some (like me) were never in and are here to understand those door-knocking people a bit better. You'll find that this is a "broad church"😉

    Some are still "physically in, mentally out" (PIMO). They can't leave because of the whole disfellowshipping and shunning mess.

  • bbqbob

    Thank you Brother, May God bless you!

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    A couple of generations of kids who are now grandparents. It was never supposed to happen like that.

    All those talents, dreams and potential un-nurtured and wasted. So many boomers- sucked in by 1975, still loyally going to meetings, not wanting to believe their own reality and the lives they took from their children.

    Life is short.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i was a very active pioneer / servant /blue eyed boy in the late 60s--1975 was getting closer every year. But by 72 i'd decided i had enough--and resigned. Suddenly 75 didnt matter any more.

  • DesirousOfChange
    1975 was getting closer every year. But by 72 i'd decided i had enough--and resigned. Suddenly 75 didnt matter any more. - Stan

    You were "smarter than the average bear", Stan. I'm sure many of us wish we'd have made that decision years before we did!

    yogi bear from

  • Reasonfirst

    For anyone believing that "one day" Jesus will 'come back' and establish his eternal kingdom, the record of xtianity making predictions of Jesus' return is terrible.

    Check out this long list of failed predictions:

    All the references are listed (in case you demand proof).

    Note: Freddy Franz doesn't seem to be listed, either as Freddy F or the Watchtower or JWs, though I noticed in scanning the references, that Charlie Russel gets a mention. And Herbert W. Armstrong gets a mention.

    So if you're a christian of any or no denomination, and you are still awaiting the day, my prediction is that your end will come without seeing that 'day.'

    Jesus is dead, get over it, he will never 'come back.'

  • Balaamsass2
  • Balaamsass2

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