Showing Kindness To Strangers

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  • FedUpJW

    I feel pretty foolish after reading the drivel in today's WT. Here I was operating under the impression that showing kindness to strangers was something that one did unselfishly. Boy was I wrong! Here are just a few of the statements about how to show kindness to strangers that are going to be slurped up today.

    "...warm welcome at the Kingdom Hall."

    "Jehovah is equally concerned about people... who attend meetings..."

    "...loving concern for fellow believers from other lands..."

    "...neighbors, fellow workers, schoolmates make derogatory remarks about those of another background."

    "We can show warmly greeting them at the Kingdom Hall."

    "To help others feel at home in the congregation...why not accept them just the way they are?"

    "We rejoice that Jehovah in his...kindness...has allowed people from all associate with us."

    So there we have it. Kindness is shown by getting people in the door of the KH. No one else is kind but rather they always speak derogatorily of others. Is there any wonder that I am FedUp?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Hello and welcome to the KH Mr Smith, now shave that beard of or you won't find many friends here...

  • Darkknight757

    They use terms like "unbelievers" and "worldly" to ostracize others who are not of the same faith. J-dumbs are not encouraged to actively show love to these people unless they are giving them magazines in the Failed Misery or having them at the Kingdumb Hell.

    They severely limit associating with people who could add spice and variety to their lives. That is why they are all the same, brain dead robots who blindly serve the Borg.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The article was an exercise in hypocrisy. They actually had the nerve to print the words "religious prejudice" in the article, when talking about how the Egyptians may have treated the Jews when they were in Egypt. The fact that JWs are themselves steeped in religious prejudice completely escaped their notice. Because of their religious prejudice they derogatorily label all non-JWs as "worldly" and "bad associations" and are not to marry them nor befriend them. Talk about blind hypocrisy!

    And since hospitality is kindness to strangers, isn't showing kindness to non-JWs a greater measure of hospitality than showing kindness to JWs - brothers and sisters ... spiritual family? Isn't a non-JW more of a stranger to the JWs than a fellow JW from a foreign land? But they show disdain for strangers when they bigotedly label non-JWs as "wordly" and "bad associations" and impute bad motives and bad morals to them, purely on the basis that they're non-JWs and before they get to know the person.

  • rebelfighter

    So there we have it. Kindness is shown by getting people in the door of the KH. No one else is kind but rather they always speak derogatorily of others. Is there any wonder that I am FedUp?

    Never a JW, never made into a KH but talked to an Elder for 5 yrs daily then he gave me some WT literature. When I tried to ask a couple of questions about that material (beliefs) I got a quick "good bye have a nice life" email. I think this is another case of we speak out of both sides of our mouth, good job JWs .

  • ToesUp

    Kindness? JW's kind? Do an experiment . Tell all of your kind JW "friends" that you don't want to come back to the Kingdumb hall anymore. See how kind your JW "friends" are then. We used to have kind JW friends at one time. Now we do not attend anymore. Guess what? All the kind JW "friends" are long gone. GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM ALL. IT'S THEIR LOSS! Life is to short to waste on stupid people!

  • FedUpJW

    And the WT conductor just made this statement, "Next weeks lesson will go along with this weeks quite nicely. "Maintain Your Spiritual Heath While in a Foreign Field. I am sure it will motivate many of us to want to move to another area. Then we can experience the kindness shown to a stranger at a new KH."

    My thought? Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, IDIOT!

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said ToesUp! We have had the same experiences.

    Yes, the Witness "Kindness" is a CONDITIONAL kindness...shown ONLY to those who become clones of the societies stereotype.

    There is NO ongoing "Kindness" shown to anyone who does not conform.

  • stuckinarut2

    And this article openly admits to the typical cult-like behaviour of "love-bombing" newly interested ones. They don't even try and hide this tactic.

    Be "kind" to such ones, in the hope that the odd doctrines are not focussed on....

  • Sorry

    Worldy strangers? No, we meant interested ones. Continue to limit contact with people of the world...

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