Branch Co-ordinators letter re the Australian Royal Commission

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  • stuckinarut2

    This letter was posted on the Aust and NZ facebook group this week.

    It is self explanatory! Wow...

    It seems to be their attempt at controlling the situation after the ARC fallout.

  • Listener

    The attitude is appalling and in no way reflects a loving and caring organization.

    Terry O'Brien was making a plea to the GB/HQ to help make it appear that they were co-operating with the Commission. He was offering his opinion but had to make it clear that regardless of whether he was right or not, he would accept any commands from HQ. He did not even attempt to put forward suggestions as to how they could further improve the organizations policies in dealing with child abuse accusations.

  • Gorbatchov

    Organization first, second and third.

    Humans zero.


  • Boredposter

    I can't read it. Very blurry.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe you need to get yourself a new pair of glasses friend as I had no problem reading it and I`m 79 yrs old .

    And yes they are certainly concerned about the leaks about the Borg from apostate sites .

  • Incognito

    Is this geniune or did someone on Facebook create it as a hoax?

    Even if written from one WT committee to another:

    • No WT letterhead
    • Authored by a named person, not the usual generic no name provided closing
    • Too easily accepts WT 'confidential' documents will all eventually make their way to the internet

    Suspicious, and too easily created by almost anyone.

    Depending on the device you are viewing this on, if the attachment is blurry, try refreshing the page.

  • fulano

    I have never seen a letter from a branch signed by a person.

  • smiddy3

    Good questions guys ,to first surface on FB ? maybe I just wanted to believe it .

    We do need verification somebody as to whether its a hoax or genuine ?

  • Listener

    It looks genuine to me but the question is, how did such a sensitive document get leaked?

    This wouldn't be a letter, it would have to be an email and that's why there's no letter head.

    Notice the dates -

    O'Brien, head of the Australasia Branch Committee sent it to NY on 27th July, 2016

    NY Co-ordinators committee responded on the 3rd and 4th August, 2016

    A letter and response by mail would not be so quick.

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    I'm finding it too blurry to read as well.

    Would somebody kindly transcribe it.

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