Check This out!! Help Needed-Former Elder Rodrick "Rod" Watkins Arrested for Felony Sexual Abuse

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
  • stillin

    Interesting. Lots of shocked people. No victims or parents of victims or "had a funny feeling about that guy,"

    Lots of people figure that when there's smoke, there's probably fire. It's true that a tiny spark can start a huge fire. The rumor mill at work.

    Presumption of guilt in the court of public opinion is almost a given in these things. Let the courts sort it out. Hopefully it will cost the WT a bunch of money.

  • Diogenesister

    Yes I’m not sure I approve of self appointed man-on-the-spot John redwood blasting a non convicted persons name all over the internet.

    I feel as if Reddit has had a “hostile takeover” of the jwsurvey lot. Like all the mods are now connected to jw survey since they realised the member number has literally doubled in the last year.

    I don’t like it. I don’t feel like it’s “neutral” anymore.

  • Listener

    It upsets me that John Redwood asks for victims to contact him personally. Lloyd Evens has done this in the past as well. I confronted him about it on JW Reddit and he denied it until I linked his post from several years previously. It's not appropriate.

  • steve2

    Even the law of the land talks about allegations of abuse whereas some here talk as if the man has already been tried and convicted. And it is questionable form for a poster to ask victims to contact him whereas they need to be directed to the designated authorities.

  • Listener

    I missundertood what John Redwood said, he wasn't asking victims the contact him, instead he is telling them to contact the appropriate authority.

    I don't think anyone would like their name being posted online with instructions for anyone who has been abused by him or her to go to the authorities.

  • steve2

    My bad - I wished I could edit my first reply.

  • poopie
    My sources inside Bethel says he was dismissed from Bethel in 80 ties for cross penis pissing.
  • poopie

    And getting drunk wow then they made him co .

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Diogenesister: Yes I’m not sure I approve of self appointed man-on-the-spot John redwood blasting a non convicted persons name all over the internet.

    Rod Watkins has already been found guilty and convicted by WT's own tribunal system. The report states Rod Watkins was himself disfellowshipped sometime in 2017 after three of the four victims had already come forward. So apparently there is too much smoke for there not to be a fire so to speak if a JW Judicial Committee felt on their own that there was sufficient evidence to d'f him. So the question many more victims have yet to come forward?

    Don't forget that sexual repression is a way of life for many if not most Jehovah's Witnesses including high profile JW Elders. Rod Watkins' only outlet may have been to act out his depraved sexual desires with innocent JW children.

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