Quit School / Encouraged not to go to college/ unit

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  • shamus

    How many of you quit school b/c of the religion?

    Another question - how many of you did not go on to college / uni b/c of the religion?

    Do you regret it?

    Is your life messed up b/c of it?

  • amac
    Do you regret it?

    Yes. I regret not going to college and resent my parents somewhat for not encouraging it.

    Is your life messed up b/c of it?

    Not really, I ended up alright, but it would be nice to have the security of a degree or skill set from college to fall back on.

  • shamus

    I quit school b/c "the end was near" I know it was stupid. It was also because I couldn't handle life, so its not all on the society.

    Anyways, I went back to school recently (real school - not GED), and got my high-school diploma with honors. I really really enjoyed it, and want to progress on. Any of you go back to school after the BORG?

    I guess that they expect everyone to be janitors for the rest of their lives.

  • Francois

    I went to college any way. And I figgure that I've made something like $575,500.00 more in my working life than I would have if I had not gone to college. Does that help you make up your mind? It should.


  • freeman

    I didn’t quit high school or college because the end was near, (they got their meat hooks in me a little later) however I did in fact put off investing in a retirement plan because of this nonsense. Now I play catch-up, but at least when I woke-up and realized I was living in fantasyland, I then got moving. Now I’m doing my best to make sure my kids finish their education and start saving toward their own retirement.

    Please listen to Francois! The Department of Education statistics indicate clearly that earning a degree pays off, big time! During a 45 year career span the average college graduate with a Bachelors degree earns about $500,000 more than someone who has only completed high school. Those with a Masters degree earn almost $1 million dollars more, while those with a Doctorate will earn over $1.5 million more.

    Today there are so many ways to earn a degree, the best way IMHO is on-line using highly accelerated classes. If you are willing to work you could have an associates degree in as little as 13 months, a Bachelors in another 13 months, and a Masters in another 10 months beyond that. Or you could choose to do it the more traditional (and slower) way sitting in class, but whatever way you choose just make sure the college / university is fully accredited. There are many diploma mills out there just waiting to take your money in exchange for a worthless piece of paper. Don’t get scammed.


  • shamus

    I am definetly going back Francois. If I could, I would love to become a doctor. Definetly not for money or nothing else - just better than swishing toilets for a living.

  • onacruse

    Oh yeah. I had a free ride at Reed College, theoretical physics.

    Went to Bethel instead.

    If I was a horse-trader, the glue factory would have gotten rich.


  • Billygoat

    I went to college for a bit after I left. I did resent my parents for not encouraging me or helping me financially. (They did pay for one class after I moved out though!) I never understood them not encouraging me more either. They both hold masters.

    When I go back to school again, it will be for something I am passionate about. Not necessarily a practical degree. I can get a decent enough job on my experience alone. I just want the education.


  • proplog2

    I get the award for stupid. I am a third generation JW. My JW parents wanted to send me to college (1960's) and I chose to pioneer instead. At the time I felt they were spiritually weak for encouraging me to go to college. My mother still throws that up to me. However, I DID faithfully follow the leading of the Faithful Slave.

    My oldest kid is in college. Another one is going to be going after High School.

  • Spudinator

    I have attended some technical schooling 20 years after graduating High School. Yes, it definitely screwed up my life working at dead-end jobs for that long.

    What is funny is remembering a part I had in the early 70's at a local assembly portraying an eager JW youth in school resisting the charms of an oily school counselor who was trying to persuade me to attend University after HS. What is ironic is that this later did happen. Except the counselor was in no shape or form oily! Unfortunately, my "role" was true to JW form. Look at what it got me.

    My advice to any JW lurkers: Get an education, and get serious about your work. The Society won't be there to support you when your retirement comes.

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