Does it ever just hit you...It all may be a dream

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  • Khaleesi

    Hubby says we are living in a "matrix" like life & that it explains the many Dejavu moments we experience & when we die we go to another demension... he runs at a high IQ, ... i have wonder if we are reliving the same lifetime over & over & it goes in cycles, ends at one point & restarts again, hubby swears we were together in a different lifetime...

    I must admit I do experience many many Dejavu moments at times the same scenarios or completely different ones & i can tell what's going to happen next, I can't explain it... i do wonder how many people experience this since I spoken to some & they say it has never happened to them... must have been all the fish mama ate while pregers of me

  • LisaRose

    Realizing that everything I believed in was a lie was very difficult. My faith was like a security blanket that helped me deal with the ills of the world, I didn't need to worry because God would take care of everything. Losing my faith was a shock, like someone had abruptly ripped away my security blanket, leaving me in the cold. It felt very uncomfortable. Eventually I came to terms with it and moved on in my life, but it was a process, like grieving when you love someone you love.

    The stages of grief:

    Denial. This all can not be a lie! I can't have been fooled that much.

    Anger: I have been lied to! I was manipulated!

    Bargaining: Maybe if I just pray more God will help me understand things.

    depression: There is no one true religion, it's hopeless.

    Acceptance: life can be hard, but there are good things in my life and I can deal with it the bad things.

  • smiddy

    I think I can relate to what V.I. said , the scales fell from my eyes , and I took off the rose coloured glasses and for the first time in 33 years I saw reality .

    This is nothing more than a man made religion that sprung up in the ball -park era of the Mormons , S.D.A. ,Christadelphians , Quakers ,Christian Scientists ,Assembly of God ,and God knows thousands more .

    How many times have J.W`s refined and modified there beliefs and practices over the past Century ? too many times for me to recount here .Is Jehovah God a moron ? an imbecile ? that he can`t give simple directions to his organization without continually refining them ? In this 20th , 21st Century ? C`mon people.

    And it was both an awakening and also a scary time , coming to grips with this new knowledge and how to deal with it .

    However it was a gradual realization over a period of time , some years in fact.


  • clarity

    Yes almost like real scales or curtains that I blinked away ...most amazing feeling & realizations.

    If you have ever removed moss from a roof, it felt like that, like a pressure hose removing chunks of moss until it is gone. As each awful belief was loosened & removed it was like waking-up from a bad dream.


  • slimboyfat
    Hard to refute the simulation argument. Except that if there is a God then there are more than the three solutions. There's the JW eschatological view for example - God steps in and directs stuff before humans reach the simulation stage. I guess Bostrom thinks an apocalyptic God is so unlikely he doesn't even need to consider it, or what?
  • stuckinarut2

    Just say out loud some of the beliefs....and listen back.....

    Never die? Really?

    Never age? Really?

    Everyone wants a utopia....but seriously...come can people really believe stuff like this?

    It hit me suddenly really...when I saw that the JW core beliefs were no more realistic than any science fiction story.....

  • slimboyfat
    Truth is stranger than fiction.
  • The Searcher

    Being raised a j-dumb wasn't all bad for me. Thank Jeehobo that we lived far away from the KH! Most weekends I just played with my robots and super hero toys. I even had some cool G.I Joe action figures, I just had to promise not to use the guns to kill other action figures, monsters were allowed to be shot on sight. LOL!

    Edit: My biggest regret is that education was forbidden. I wish my worldly Father would have made higher-education a goal. Even so, there is no guarantee that my life would be better than it is now.

    I wonder sometimes, "What are the odds that I was born as me? Why and how was I ( the worst possible fit for a JW ) raised as a dub? Is it a cosmic joke?"

    As far as living eternally, past lives included, maybe it's true. The existence of this Universe, whether planned or purely random, is awesome. We are all connected because we are all made of the same stuff. I've also heard some scientist speak of everything being connected; all points in space and time are connected. Who knows? I do remember many times as a child asking myself, "What if this is not real? What if "Satan" isn't the bad guy? Can I alter my "reality"??

    One thing that we all know for sure, is that the WTBTS is full of shit. They are delusional, they are dishonest, they do not represent any loving Deity if such a creature exists. They have no special insight when it come to anything "spiritual", at best they are simply repeating the already recycled dogma of the past. They are the "blind leading the blind."


  • eyeuse2badub

    Hell yes! That's one of the reasons we are here on this site.

    just saying!


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