Letter # 1 to the Governing Body of Jehovah's witnesses

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  • baker
    Writing this letter is similar to boarding a flight to Paris and asking the Pilot to drop you off in London, won't work, either go to Paris or get off the plane...
  • Island Man
    Island Man
    There's just one small problem with your letter: Its tone isn't submissive enough. It contains no GB ass-kissing. You write to them as if you think they're your brothers. You have to write to them as if you think they're your lords - that's the kind of tone your letter has to have. Anything short of that and you'll be seen as being tactless, impertinent and disregarding their authority, etc.
  • Fisherman

    WT decision and policy makers don't need your letter, they know all about it, and that is why their position stands.

    JW confess their sins to the elders for many reasons. The main reason is because of their conscience, self dignity and living with oneself, they do not want live a lie and put on a facade. Being a JW is not a passive thing it involves involvement (sacred service: comments, fs, talks, privileges.association...) Imagine doing all of that with secret sins. I suppose some people can do it but it ain't easy. A lot of JW just confess, they know it will result in df or reproof - both disgraceful so little is the difference, but they know the rules apply to all including the gb and they also knew at the time they decided to sin that there was a price to pay. Some JW confess because they want help whatever that help is and they trust that the brotherhood would never betray them and are willing to pay the price: DF reproof -whatever, they tell those in authority and then it is out of their hands, the elders tell them what they need to do and in a couple of months they are back in business with full backing and support from the org. Some family members can really make it hard (harsh) on other family members if they choose when df happens. It is very expensive in a person's spiritual career to commit a gross sin repentant or not, the rules are for everybody..

    And when one holds office it is disastrous and very difficult to confess because of the humiliation -they get caught sooner or later -oh the shame- but some rank are very courageous and confess -oh the shame- but you feel better about yourself and later or else when they get caught they will remember they said a prayer with a  gross sin  and other will remember tooo, it is easier to confess if one is a low pub.

    To me it is about being right with God. He knows our weaknesses and he still gives us his Holy Spirit. BUt if a person has a poblem with porn or sex or something -he cannot serve, lay low and just try to do the best you can. IT aint about how people view you they are sinners too in some way. Everybody is got something. Be honest and true to yourself.

  • LongHairGal


    Wow, you sound like an active Witness. Do you come on here to preach and count time?

    Thanks for the reminders of what the JW religion is all about: "sacred service, comments, fs, talks, privileges, association". All these things are the hallmarks of a cult and just a modern day invention! Nothing biblical here.

    Of course the leaders of the religion are not interested in any feedback since they want to be PERCEIVED as "holy" and above criticism! Well, not by me.

    The original poster has good intentions, but he is wasting his time, plus his postage!

  • fulano
    Well fisherman, if a brother or sister waits long enough with confessing nothing will happen, no reproof, only the counsel not to do it again. Were you aware of that? It is in the KS book. If he has privilegies he won't even loose them. So it pays off being discrete 🤒
  • konceptual99

    Witnesses confess their sins for many reasons but they fall into two categories broadly speaking.

    1 - proactive, non solicited. These are either motivated by FOG (fear, obligation, guilt) or trying to pre-empt being caught out having committed a sin so as to reduce the risk of being DF'ed

    2 - reactive, solicited. These are normally part of a JC. The individual may be seeking to cooperate and not be DF'ed or they may not care.

    In my experience elders love a juicy case involving a young sister and sex but hate it when someone has a case of the guilty wobbles years down the line as it's all too much hassle when little is likely to happen.

  • fulano
    How did you get that experience kc99. Or are you just guessing what elders think? I have been in hundreds of comittes, last years in appeals almost weekly, and never saw this attitude you mention here.
  • Fisherman
    LHG, confession is for an active JW and not for someone already out of the org. My comment is from that position. Also, my comment about the posted letter relating to the gb is from the position of the gb. The letter is not going to tell them anything that they do not already know -and my status as a JW has no relevance on the subject that is being discussed.
  • nmthinker


    In Search of Christian Freedom pp 319-326 under "A Scriptural Practice, Practiced Unscripturally"

  • punkofnice

    I admire your intention. However, simply put, the Governing body will never get to see your letter. A beth-hell post room drone will take one look at it, feel persecuted, and bung it in the shredder (if they can afford one).

    The only way to bring the flaws of the cult to light is by getting information to the people.....which is a task in itself. Once you mention 'JWs', the majority of people will switch off.

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