Letter # 1 to the Governing Body of Jehovah's witnesses

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  • FayeDunaway
    They won't listen to you, because they never listen. But I couldn't agree more with the points you made.
  • Bonsai

    Their policies and interpretation of the scriptures you mentioned in James and 1 Timothy have been thought out and set in stone for decades. There is no misinterpretation in their eyes. Their is no flaw in policy in their minds. Everything is set up in such a way so as to CONTROL the flock. They replace your conscience with theirs. They use gossip and rumors and peer pressure to keep the sheeples in line. A public reproof is exactly what they want you to be petrified of. Why would they remove one of their most effective weapons when it is so successful?

    I appreciate you effort and concern, though.

  • poopie

    A walk of 1000 miles starts with one step keep trying I have written letters to gb make sure you send to all members of gb individualy then send same letter to all helpers individualy then send to to writing depth the send to all members of branch comitee

  • sparrowdown

    People should be free to "confess" their "sins" to God, their issues to a therapist, and crimes to the police - period!

    You'd have more of an effect if you sent a letter stating that to every newspaper in the country.

  • fulano
    I didn't even read the whole letter, imagine the ones that receive hundreds a day. Nice effort though.
  • wozza

    In my years as a JW the problem was that a persons private confession to elders was often leaked by the elders themselves .For instance a young brother I studied with went to the elders depressed about his habit of masturbation ,within a short time it was common knowlege who had a problem with what because an elder used his case as an example to others pointing to a certain young brother in the congo with this problem ,as there were few young single bros it did'nt take long for others to work out who the elder was talking about , and so the gossip mill began.

    The other major source of revealing private matters were elders wives , it's not surprising people won't come forward to seek help.

  • NVR2L8

    Anyone who believe they can sway the governing body of the Jehovahs witness by writing a letter can't be taken seriously! Either they have no idea how this cult works or they are not aware of their history. Even the killing of JWs in Malawi didn't get the JW to recognize they had made an error in judgement telling the brothers not to buy the government mandatory ID card...Meanwhile the WT had no problems with the brothers bribing Mexican officials to avoid military service. Your letter will be filed in folder 13...The WT can't be reformed but you can...just leave and live your life. 

  • DesirousOfChange


    You're confusing the GB with someone who gives a sh*t about what you think!

    I didn't make it all the way through that epic post, but I made if further than anyone in the Service Dept will when they open the letter.

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  • wannaexit
    I've thought of writing letters too, and I wrote some and then put them in a drawer and eventually shredded them. If its part of the healing process for you..go ahead and send it. But I don't think anybody up at bethel will get past the first paragraph.
  • steve2

    Here is an example of a letter they will read and possibly cite in their publications:

    Dear Brothers on the Governing Body,

    I am writing to express my gratitude for the loving work you carry out in providing us with meat in due season.

    Life in this old system can be so hard with all sorts of worldly temptations. However, my family and I have found time and time again that by turning to your loving counsel based on Jehovah's word, we have become stronger and surer in our faith and commitment to Jehovah.

    I cannot begin to fully express how much my heart goes out to each one of you as I realize how much you have dedicated your lives to ensuring we each receive timely direction.

    My eyes fill with tears just thinking of all that you mean to me and my family.

    Our heartfelt thanks! May we all continue obeying Jehovah's loving counsel provided for us by you - especially now that we are so very deep into the time of the end with the wonderful prospect of living into the wondrous new system of things.

    With Christian love,

    Steve Adoreuallsomuch.

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