Stumbling into the Single's Scene

by Robdar 71 Replies latest social relationships

  • notperfectyet

    Searcher, searcher, searcher...,

    Where do I begin? Not everyone on this board is whom they pretend....

    This might help.......

  • Mac

    And once behalf of Nerfy and me I'd like to thank the academy and all those people behind the scenes for making this presentation possible.......I love you Mom!!!!!

    Nite all,


  • searcher


    I thought we had a friendship, and as such, I thought i deserved better than that from you.

    Seems I was wrong.

    If i have done something now or in the past to upset you in any way I would expect you to tell me what that something is and at least give me the chance to apollogise if I was wrong.

  • searcher
    Not everyone on this board is whom they pretend....

    Then who are they? An explanation would help far better than a statement of that nature.

    This might help.......

    It didnt, is it BY Robdar? ABOUT Robdar? BY/ABOUT someone else?

    Or do I just Trust in the Organisation and Wait on Jehovah?

    Or is this whole thing just to try and make people like me who dont understand, look foolish?

  • Mac
    Enter Searcher: "Chidishnes all over now?"

    And now you are hurt...and we were only teasing you........we will slap your "BUTT" repeatedly in Green Bay!! mac(Really going to bed now! Geeeeezzzzzzzzz)

  • Angharad

    Cant make head nor tail of this thread -

    Robdar, have a great date and just relax and be yourself and enjoy it

  • Brummie

    Robdar, all the best, keep in mind that the person you see on a new date is probably just as nervous as you. Veiw it as going to meet a new friend, a new perception may ease the nerves of it all. (((Rob)))

    Mac you have shown yourself up matey, why border on being a prick? Keep up with NPY and be a full blown prick.

    NPY you jumped in just to start a flame, you make yourself look a real idiot

    So BTW how is England? I was there a few years ago

    Well its a lot better for not having you here now. stay were you are and we'll all be happier for it.

    Sheesh some peoples attitutes stink of sh*t


  • MrMoe

    Oh dear god

    NPY - You are a better lady than this, and you know it. It is one thing to defend honor, but please let's keep ourselves out of the mud.

  • rocketman

    Hi Robyn,

    Since I won't be the guy taking you out (some little detail about me being married - always gets in the way, ya know) I forbid you to kiss him.

    Just playing of course. I agree with Angharad, just relax and be yourself. If you and he feel 'right' about it after the date, maybe a kiss would be nice. I do remember kissing a certain young woman on a first date 25 years ago, and it worked out pretty well, since we've been married for 23 years (although sometimes I tell her that we're "just friends").

    Have fun!

  • SheilaM

    *Confused big time* Robyn: I haven't dated for 20+ years so I have no idea what to tell you except be yourelf and make sure your careful if you don't know him. Also, did you move????? *confused* Oh, I didn't hear anything about the poetry reading?????

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