How confident are you about various so called facts?

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  • slimboyfat
    25% I think that was a dream by older nationalist types, younger people would rather be part of something bigger. Scotland would always struggle on it's own especially as the Oil is used up (25% is more because people may want to jettison the regions at some point).

    Actually younger people supported independence and older people voted against. So much so that if over 60 year olds were excluded from the vote Scotland would now be an Independent country. And Scotland's GDP per capita is equal to the rest of the UK even when oil wealth is excluded from the calculation. Scotland has a trade surplus whereas the UK has a deficit. Including oil revenue, for the past 40 years Scotland has subsidised the rest of the UK to the tune of tens of billions of pounds.

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  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    . The earth is a sphere rather than flat in shape. 99.9% Pictures from space....

    2. Global warming is a real phenomenon of serious concern that is caused by human activities. 50% I have no doubt it's warming up. But I doubt humans are a major contributer. (Minor yes) We are springing back from the last ice age and also the world was warmer in the 900s no matter what Al Gore claims./

    3. Life on Earth evolved its many forms through the process of natural selection. 99.9% Genetics prove that without a shadow of a doubt

    4. The gospels are based on a real apocalyptic preacher called Jesus who lived in first century Palestine. 15% No go here. Jesus was invented partly by Philo in the The comcept of a Logos and partly by a break off from the Essenes cult in the concept of a cosmic savior.

    5. J F Rutherford was a drunk who cheated on his wife with various women. 90% We have witnesses and i've seen a video.

    6. Smoking causes lung cancer. 60% Yes it is a cause. But not every smoker will get it.

    7. Men really walked on the moon. 80% Yes most likely. But I can't prove this 100% until a seperate group from NASA returns to the moon.

    8. Consciousness survives death.50% Unprovable either way.

    9. Moses wrote the Pentateuch.0% To much evidence against that also Moses was invented by Manetho

    10. Dragons exists. 100$ Yes but not the mythological kind. Dinosaurs exist (existed)

    11. Homeopathy is effective beyond placebo. 1% Yeah some water might help but thats it.

    12. O J Simpson was innocent 40% I watched the trial. Either way the evidence rolled and with the prosecution making strupid vouches I used to say he was innocent. Not i'm leaning towards guilty but not completely.

    13. Scotland will be an independent country within 20 years. 50% The've have a long time to do this already. Maybe

    14. There will be a nuclear war sometime in the 21st century. 60% Maybe

    15. The New Testament originally contained the divine name. 0% Half the new testament is Marcionite in orogin and thus YHWH was not the supreme god.

    16. At least one of the presidents of the Watchtower was homosexual. 50% Maybe

    17. The universe began in a Big Bang around 14 billion years ago. 90% Might be off a few points of millions of years but yes.

    18. China is the country with the most people. 97 Yes but India will likely overtake it soon

  • slimboyfat

    You've seen a video?

    Good answers by the way. Avoiding the pitfall of 100%ism.

  • cofty

    The earth is not flat - 100%

    In what possible way is this a "pitfall"?

  • bohm

    SBF -- perhaps you should introduce "Santas" as an evidential scale -- the degree to which an ordinary adult believe santa is real.

    So the earth is flat: 0.5 SANTAS

    JWs has the truth: 0.1 SANTAS

  • slimboyfat
    Cofty you assign the exact same certainty to your views on global warming, the Big Bang, homeopathy, evolution, smoking and cancer, moonwalking, consciousness after death and Moses writing the Pentateuch. All these issues are settled with precisely the same degree of certainty according to your view. That's the problem... or one of them.
  • cofty

    I asked you specifically about your assertion that to say with 100% certainty that the earth is not flat is a "pitfall".

    I am happy to talk about the others later if you like

  • nicolaou

    Slimboy, you ask me what "things" I am certain about. To prove your opening premise wrong I only have to provide ONE fact about the world that is absolutely certain, that's all it takes when someone rather foolishly claims 'all' instead of 'some'.

    So, here's my one fact about the world of which I am absolutely 100% certain; it will perish.

  • slimboyfat
    So Cofty, although they all have 100% certainty in your rating, the spherical earth 100% is more certain than the other 100%s? How does that work? Maybe you haven't thought this through.

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