What Was Your Most Memorable Field Service Experience?

by Sea Breeze 24 Replies latest jw experiences

  • silentbuddha

    My fondest memory comes from my bethel roommate getting hit in the mouth with a frozen better on Ralph Ave in East New York.

    It knocked out 4 teeth and busted his lips. The guys who did it stood there laughing... It actually was funny, until I saw the utter mess it made of his face

  • waton
    How old are you waton?

    SB. I gave wt a last chance with the idea, that " it would be appropriate to have the 'forever young' paradise start in 1975 ", have tried to age as little as possible since then. so, the biological count is kind of on hold.

  • mickbobcat

    Not going. I would go but when we had a group of us guys we would head out and go get coffee and hit the mall. Thats the way to preach. LOL. Some of us would count time we never put in. LOL

  • waton
    Some of us would count time we never put in. LOL

    mbc: there was a story going around of a circuit overseer traveling to a far away weekly assignment, dropping in on a 'pioneer home' on the way, and finding one full timer writing a letter to a 'call' , all the others in bed, but counting time. horizontal group witnessing.

    the 10 minutes for every human on earth per year must be generated somehow.

  • Phizzy

    I have a few, but a fond one is when calling on a secluded home in the Countryside, I could see through the Hallway and through the rear door to the garden, a couple were evidently sunbathing out there, after I rang the bell, the lady stood up, completely and gloriously nude, and persuaded her husband/partner to slip on a pair of shorts and answer the door.

    I had quite a chat with the guy, a likeable guy, and a thinker, but I did not catch one more glimpse of the lady.

    If I had been the sort of JW who actually did "Return Visits" I might have been tempted to try to repeat the experience on another Sunny day.

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