Dignified Death...Assisted Dying Your Views

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara


    The RoyalCollege of Pysicians (RCP) has dropped its 13 year opposition to the concept of helping terminally

    ill patients die. It is illegal in the UK.

    Following a poll of its members, the college has now adopted a neutral stance on the issue of assisted dying.The RCP's neutral stance means neither they support nor oppose a change in the law and will not be focusing on assisted dying in their work.Instead they will continue to champion high quality palliative care services.

    A retired lecturer from Shropshire, Noel Conway, who is terminally ill with motor neurone disease,feels cheated. He says "this medieval mindset has prevented him having the right to control when he dies". The only way he can end his life now in the UK is to remove his ventilator. Although he is not ready to die yet coz he is busy publishing a collection of short stories and finishing his memoirs (he uses voice recognition software).He wants his doctor to be allowed to prescribe him a lethal dose of drugs, when he has less than 6months to live.

    What are your thoughts on this?


  • Finkelstein

    I'm for it when its medically determined by a panel of doctors that the person is terminal.

    The other reason why some people rather cut their life time too is that they know their health condition is badly effecting their loved one ie. family

    We have legalized dying assistance in Canada now

  • APieceOfShitNamedTate

    I completely agree with it. Anyone who is terminally ill should be in complete control if they choose to end it before their sickness does.

  • Xanthippe

    I'm in favour of assisted dying for the terminally ill. How can we let humans suffer more that terminally ill dogs and cats whom we help to die if they have zero quality of life or are in agony?

    The RCP are being rather pathetic and still refusing to make a definite stand on this issue. Of course the legislation will be difficult and we need to make it iron clad to prevent abuses but let's get on with it!

    Surely the religious right with their anachronistic idea of the sacredness of life are causing this delay. This brings an appalling amount of suffering to the dying.

    Two different people have told me their loved ones died of cancer but the morphine wasn't enough, they died in pain.

    My mother died of heart failure in hospital. While still conscious she started screaming because of the pain in her legs. The doctor told us the dying heart can't pump the blood up from the legs and it starts to gather there causing acute pain, her legs turned purple. I'm so grateful, her doctor gave her enough morphine to stop the pain. She did say I can't give her any more or it will kill her!

    But even though she lost consciousness she suddenly sat straight up at one point and we feared she would wake up properly. Thankfully she died shortly after that, but what if she hadn't would they have let her scream until she died? They could give her no more morphine. However I'm very grateful for her skilled doctor.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I am in total agreement. I've stood by feeling helpless and watching loved ones wither away, drugged beyond belief to control the pain, until their emaciated body itself decides that it has been sufficiently decimated that it can no longer be kept alive.

    There should be no objections to Death with Dignity.

  • Dagney

    I will absolutely be in control of my passing legal or not, if it comes to certain circumstances.

    Totally in favor.

  • WillYouDFme

    I am 100% in favor of it - but don't think I could actually do it for myself.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    They RCP say they will focus on palliative care. In my life, speaking in general not RCP, I have seen some appalling care being given (if you can call it care).Seemed like people were left to die.

    I have made my decisions known to all (although I am quite young), if circumstances were bad, DD (dignified death) for me. I say pull the plug when I am ready. I do not see the point in everyone close to me suffer away with me for weeks , months ,years.They having to put their life on hold for me. That in itself would kill me.

    Life is not worth all that s***t!


  • Xanthippe

    I've just received my email from Dignity in Dying as I'm on their mailing list. It says in part:-

    'Assisted dying laws in other countries have only ever been changed where medical bodies have taken a more balanced stance. By doing so, they are then able to engage in the detail of debate rather than hiding behind a strict policy of opposition.
    The RCP should be applauded for taking a brave step in the face of a vociferous opposition that has tried every trick in the book to discredit and de-rail this process.

    A small group of doctors with long-standing links to pro-life organisations even tried to bring a legal case against the RCP, but I’m delighted to say that their case was thrown out by the High Court this morning.'

  • cofty

    In principle I agree with the legalisation of assisted dying but I acknowledge that there are some valid 'slippery-slope' arguments.

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