JWs - Liberals or Conservatives?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    I say neither. Where they stand is a strange mixture. Yes, they don't agree with abortion and homosexuality, they believe in the Bible and wear skirts and ties to church . . . But in many ways they're liberal. I mean, they subconsciously know they're not normal so they're always obsessed with proving they're normal. Take drinking. So many JWs are I've known are always excessively gushing about alcohol and basically acting like middle schoolers about it. Besides the novelty aspect many others need it to medicate so they don't have to think. I guess alcohol's been part of JW culture since Rutherford onward, from the R&F publishers to the Bethelites. Then when it comes to politics although technically they're neutral most JWs I know often side with Democrats and mock Republicans. JWs are known as being religious, but unlike most other Christians. Their religion is more businesslike and matter of fact. Most are embarrassed to say anything too religious sounding or to mention Jesus. Many many converts came from hippie backgrounds and were attracted by the new world teaching and the return to an earthly paradise. These are usually the same types that are into natural foods and cures, pseudoscience and government conspiracy theories.

    Any thoughts?

  • sir82

    Take drinking.

    LOL - you think Liberals drink more than Conservatives?

    Conservatives drink Liberals under the table.Then join them under the table for more.

    Then when it comes to politics although technically they're neutral most JWs I know often side with Democrats and mock Republicans.

    Really? Completely opposite here.

    JWs are a natural fit for US Conservative thinking - no homosexuality, no abortion, highly restricted divorce, traditional gender roles (only male JWs have positions of leadership), etc. etc. etc.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    No, I know every strata of society has drinkers. I'm talking about the advertising of it, boasting about it, joking about it. Many conservatives wouldn't do that.

    homosexuality, no abortion, highly restricted divorce, traditional gender roles

    Like I said, an unusual mixture of the two.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    True believer white USA dubs are fully conservative.

    As far as vices go, repressed and judgmental tend to have lots of them. Dubs are perfect candidates , especially born ins.

  • ttdtt

    VERY Conservative.

    If you meet a liberal JW - they are awake, or about to be.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    If they're fully conservative, where's all the talk about Jesus, God's Holy Spirit, etc.?

    Also like I said many JW converts seem to be artist hippie type that would normally be Liberals if it weren't for the fact they were JWs. They're more attracted by the whole world peace all nationalities thing than the religious element. On the other hand most conservatives are viewed as white bread eating anti-imigration, etc.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    JWs are not liberal ... liberals meaning people who champion freedom of speech and allow people to agree to disagree.

    As SlimboyFat's thread pointed out, speech (and opinion, private lives, dress, grooming) are/is regulated to an insane degree. Dissenting opinions are not tolerated within the organisation.

    The JW (GB) take on sex, homosexuality, abortion, masturbation, atheism is very conservative. This is self-evident and obvious.

    A JW who said that they disagree with the GB over homosexuality, the existence of God or any of a range of topics would quickly be booted out the door.

    But, I think JWs are 'liberal' in the sense that they are somewhat similar to people who've hijacked the liberal movement, who claim to be liberal but actually don't tolerate anything that deviates from left-wing/'liberal' orthodoxy.

    Parallels can be seen re the way the JW hierarchy treats 'wrong' views and opinions and the way the liberal-left treat 'wrong' opinions/views.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    OK so JWs aren't Orthodox Liberals (didn't know there was such a thing 😅), but they're like the majority who've hijacked the liberals. 🤔 Close enough, I'll agree.

  • Saethydd

    I know that even when I was still in, I leaned pretty far to the left. I never felt comfortable with the Watchtowers views on women or homosexuals, and even though I was supposedly "neutral" during the 2016 election, I was very much rooting for Bernie Sanders before the primaries ended, and then very much against Donald Trump before he took office.

  • Gorbatchov

    The leadership is far right conservative.


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