JWs - Liberals or Conservatives?

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  • slimboyfat

    On the politics, at least, among those who are willing to express an opinion, there is good evidence to show JWs are overwhelmingly supporters of the Democrats.

    Given the high proportion of black and Hispanic JWs this shouldn't be too suprising.

    Specifically: 75% "independent" or "other", 18% Democrat, and 7% Republican.

    See the figures graphically depicted and compared with other religious groups here.


  • Ruby456

    the organisation itself I think is very conservative but I think they have attracted mostly democrats

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog
    the organisation itself I think is very conservative but I think they have attracted mostly democrats


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Most people are non aligned independants. Anyone who follows a political party is just letting someone else make decisions for him and telling him (her) what to think. Sound like any thing else you know?

  • Heartsafire

    It is important to note that the term "liberal" is different in different parts of the world. In the USA, it is more or less similar to "progressive" or "democratic" or "leftist". In the USA the liberals often like and approve govt control and expansion in all areas of life including marriage, language usage, business and child rearing.

    Conservatives are pretty much the same everywhere--holding to status quo, preservationists, traditionalists, and in Western countries they are usually Christian or adhering to Christian views on morality, marriage, and family life. In the USA they dislike large government and feel govt is expensive, performs poorly, and threatens their freedoms in religion and business.

    Based upon the American version of lib vs conserve, I personally believe the JWs appear to be conservative in that they hold to biblical values on marriage and sex. But, they take the control aspect much too far to be labeled as true Conservatives. They operate very much like liberals do in that they believe in strong authority governing the lives of everyone and that individuals cannot be trusted to obey, no, they cannot even trust themselves to think or say the right things. This must all be taken care of for them by the authorities. Also, correct me if I am wrong, but most JWs do not own weapons such as guns. This is a big deal to most Conservatives in USA. They distrust authority to the point that they believe the individual has the right and the duty to keep the govt in check. Therefore, they approve an armed citizenry.

    Also, most Conservatives detest the practice of collecting govt benefits, and they believe private charities are the way to go in dealing with the sick and poor. The liberals, on the other hand, believe everyone should contribute to serving the poor through govt programs such as welfare. While many Jws work, the majority of the ones I know collect govt benefits and actually do this while they pioneer or slave for the "slave" full time.

    There are similarities to each, but it's mostly just a cult. I'd compare it to a dictatorship posing as a conservative Christian group while actually thriving under liberal practice.

  • Ruby456

    I mostly agree with you heartsafire and think JWs as an org is more neo conservative than conservative. Regarding guns - I think gun ownership has to do with security and in this sense JWs are very concerned with security so this too makes them conservative.

    I have a few problems with your definition of liberals but that does not matter

  • Sylas23
    "If you meet a liberal JW - they are awake, or about to be."

    *raises hand*

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