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  • 2+2=5

    The memorial stats are a joke. The count is a just a form of propaganda the Borg loves to publish. I would like to see the WT publish a figure on how many attend the memorial just to please a close relative.

    How many memorial attendees actually don’t give a shit, and will definitely never identify as JW?

    I know of quite a few that attend the memorial but despise the WT with a passion. Jehovah’s statistical chariot loves them!

  • joe134cd

    The memorial stats are a joke. The count is a just a form of propaganda the Borg loves to publish. I would like to see the WT publish a figure on how many attend the memorial just to please a close relative.

    There is some truth to that comment and I would also guess that the same principle would apply to the SDA / LDS as well. Which by extension of that would suggest that all 3 faiths have an equal ACTIVE membership of any where from 10-20 million a peice. There certainly wouldn’t be much in it. The SDA and particularly the lds are significantly more wealthy than the JWs, and will probably have a longer shelf life (and more prepared for the future )than the JWs. I believe in the coming years it will be the SDA that will become the dominant of the 3 faiths, although having a similar kind of doctrine to the JWs.

    The thing that is killing Mormon numbers, is just their bizarre doctrine. To be fair if you think JWs have some bizarre beliefs and lies then I suggest you try the lds faith. Many of which has been brought to light by the info age.

  • blankspace

    Bumping this thread with a short note as I just have a few minutes while on a work break.

    1. The India branch will begin using literature again since digital publications don't really work in the majority of the country.

    2. The GB didn't know how illiterate Indians in general are and they were misinformed - hence the earlier shutdown of the printery. Now that they are aware of the need for literature, they are focusing on existing literature to start off and then will get literature orders again. Another letter was read out to congregations recently - I'll try to get a copy and post it online.

    3. Literature will be shipped from abroad and not printed in India.

    4. Increased focus on covering unassigned territory especially in the North of the country.

  • cognitivedizzy

    Blank space then why are so many TSPs sent back .. some of them were actually in the north

  • cognitivedizzy


    The witch hunt is still in progress, one more erstwhile DO's removed from privileges, this one particular man was considered a spiritual giant and celebrity, now has his bags packed , at least he has lot of well wishers who apparently took care of him.

    A CO was removed from the english circuit and he does not even attend meetings anymore ! so much for being a encouragement :P lol !!

    A cong somewhere removed DF's a sister for marrying outside the lord, apparently thats not the policy, this sister ended up writing to the branch and now the entire Body was DF'd lol.... the sister was reinstated

  • zeb

    so its magazines and books eh?

    I am reliably informed there are over 360 different languages/ dialects in India. Hindi is the official language and many speak english.

    But the logistics of moving publications around such a vast nation are impossible to consider.

    My best wishes to the good people of India.

  • blondie

    Yes, cognitivedizzy, marrying an unbeliever is not YET a df'ing offense. But they will find a way. To add, Joseph married an unbeliever, the daughter of an Egyptian priest of the Egyptian god On. Moses married a non-Israelite. So did Esther. No mention of that being bad. And the WTS is hypocritical if they say that there was no law against it for Moses and Joseph (though there was for Esther); remember Joseph was the one the WTS puts an example of doing what is right without a law from god.

    Let me add the WTS dance around the issue of Esther.

    Do they answer the question? No jw is suggesting that Mordecai was an opportunist for the sake of prestige. So the WTS uses ancient Jewish tradition to explain why it was alright? It seems unlikely (adding to the bible narrative?). So the Jews had to obey a godlike autocrat just as the 3 Hebrews obeyed the godlike autocrat Nebuchadnezzar? Hypocrisy.

    Why did Mordecai allow Esther to marry a pagan unbeliever?

    There is no basis for the suggestion of some scholars that Mordecai was an opportunist who wanted Esther to wed the king for the sake of prestige. As a faithful Jew, he would not have favored such a marriage. (Deut. 7:3) Ancient Jewish tradition holds that Mordecai tried to prevent the marriage. It seems unlikely that either he or Esther, mere foreigners in a land ruled by an autocrat who held a godlike status, would have had much choice in the matter. In time, it became clear that Jehovah used Esther’s marriage as a means of protecting his people.​—Esther 4:14.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    I wonder about a Tamil congregation in Chennai. I almost married a sister from there. She was a dentist.

    Thankfully in retrospect, when I got there, she quickly ditched me. I still hope she and her daughter are well. Her daughter is about my son's age or a little younger....hopefully made the decision to leave the cult.

    Not good at the time, but less than a year later I was free of the cult. Now I have a wonderful Catholic wife. LOL


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