Randy's Leaked Bethel Video!--Do You Remember?

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  • Atlantis

    Randy's leaked Bethel video, do you remember this post?

    If you have a copy of that video please send me a private message
    or post a download link for the video in the replies.

    The video is needed by one of the members here for research.

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

  • Smiles

    Would enjoy seeing that footage again!

  • Atlantis


    Yes, it would be nice to see it again.


  • Atlantis

    This was posted many years ago by Randy Watters.


    Here's a rare one you'll not find elsewhere, send it to your friends!

    New Bethel Entrants Introduction to the Governing Body circa 1985. Two new Bethel boys at Watchtower headquarters somehow managed to videotape this introduction to the Brooklyn Bethel headquarters of the Governing Body off of the Bethel TV screen.

    It shows all the main players in the scandal and dismissal of Raymond Franz and several others that were disfellowshipped from the Watchtower headquarters in 1979-1980.

    Notice their REAL qualifications for leadership as God's only true organization out of their own mouths! At about the 4:30 minute point, Karl Klein says, "I've done a better job cleaning toilets than I did presiding at the Governing Body."

    I wholeheartedly agree. None of these men had any trained qualifications for leadership in a worldwide organization of millions.

    1985 Bethel Entrants Video


  • Atlantis

    The video was shared with us by a very dear friend who has posted here and downloaded the video years ago.

    Many thanks to (Brother F) for his kind contribution!

    Drinks are on the house!


  • Smiles

    Rewatching that video is triggering

    20/20 hindsight.

    The old batch of GB in that video are all dead now, but trauma caused by the indoctrinations & policies administrated by those old men continues to haunt so many of us here in this forum today; and the new batch of wacky GB charlatans today add insult to the injury.

    Forwarded that video to some PIMI... they loved it. I mentioned how all those old GB were part of the "generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur"... but they were unphased. PIMI cannot (or will not) grasp the fallacy of it, yet. Maybe after another decade of new light & dashed hopes.

    Thanks to Grandpa and Brother F for digging out that archive.

    Emotionally bothersome video but therapeutically reassuring in that it is never too late to escape that phoney WT paradise

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Atlantis your great bring me any old stuff I luv it.

  • Atlantis


    Witness 007:

    Thank you! It was a blast from the past.


  • Smiles

    Now that we have all discovered the ugly truth about Bethel HQ (egotism, betrayal, sexual depravities & suicide)...

    As you listen to these governing body leaders resolutely glorify Bethel careers and tease lifelong incentives... Think about the many former Bethel workers that volunteered decades of their life obeying WT only to eventually be kicked to the curb (aka "reassigned") in their older age with a few coins in pocket, and some sent away with health problems.

    These WT governing men were either delusionally ignorant of the shamefulness things happening under their nose, or they were deliberately misrepresenting.

    If this leaked video is ever lost to time (again) here are some transcripts from that Bethel Entrant culty conditioning by the JW leaders of the 1990 era.

    If are not PIMI, their remarks may twist your gut:

    Daniel Sydlik00:02:20"If you're new here, you have the prospect of a wonderful future ahead of you."

    Daniel Sydlik00:03:25"You are a valuable asset, and your value increases the you are here."

    Milton Henschel00:03:55"My job was mixing concrete... mixing concrete. And I mixed and mixed and filled the wheelbarrows, and they never seemed to get enough, but we got the building done. And so, there I was, eh, I was 15 years old at that time."

    Daniel Sydlik00:14:29"When I see a young man coming to bethel, my heart within me races up with thanks to Jehovah, because I say: 'my, this man is going to have a wonderful life here at bethel if he just doesn't allow the physical life to disturb him."

    Carey Barber00:06:11"Brother (unclear) told us to hurry up and get the covers on the booklets because Armageddon was, uh, coming. So, we hurried up and got the covers on, and Armageddon hasn't got here yet, so..."

    Karl Klein00:10:40"But then remember, these people are imperfect. You may be misunderstood or even mistreated or sumpin'." (sic)

    Daniel Sydlik00:12:02"And this wholesome family touch is what the bethel family needs, and I think that is what the congregation gives to them."

    Lloyd Barry00:12:26"Eh, coming to Bethel enables you to get a specialized education in the field of, eh, uh, pub...lication, and publishing, and eh... eh... being educated, eh, in office handling and administration. But, and above all, eh, having an education, a bible education to, eh, equip you to be a proper representative of Jehovah God, and wherever you're sent in the world."

    Milton Henschel00:15:39

    "I remember some brothers that, I think, eh, when I was first in the factory, I saw them, they'd been here for maybe 15 years already, and they were on the cleaning crew, and 15 years more passed, and they're still on the cleaning crew, but they appreciated it, they were not at all discouraged by that, and I'm thinking I'm not doing anything, because when you're keeping the place clean, you're keeping the family healthy, and when you keep the family healthy the family produces books and magazines. This is why we appreciate all of the members of the bethel family because they're an essential part of the function of this organization."

    Theodore Jaracz00:16:05"But the longer one stays at Bethel, the greater the privileges and blessings will be."

    John Barr00:16:37"I would say without hesitation, its a tremendous loss if a brother who has been trained to do a job decides to leave bethel. It may be necessary, but if at all possible, I would urge of the brothers who have quiet skills in bethel to remain."

    John Barr00:17:44"But I've always looked at it this way: Whenever you receive a direct invitation like that from Jehovah, through his organization, that this is the place that he wants you to serve. And I've never been disappointed."

    Lyman Swingle00:18:17"Die with your boots on."

    Lloyd Barry00:18:54"Eh, you can appreciate that there is nothing here on this earth to compare with God's organization. There's never been anything, even back in bible times, to compare with what Jehovah has now and what he's doing now."

    Karl Klein00:19:08"That this is the greatest privilege anybody could have on earth, be serving full-time with the headquarters of Jehovah's organization on earth."

    George Gangas00:19:42"I love to stay in bethel. Bethel is the best place under the sun."

    Carey Barber00:19:48"If people go out from here and take up something else, they're not benefiting themselves any, eh. This is the highest privilege we could have."

    George Gangas00:22:18"So you brothers, if you are at bethel, love bethel. Brothers and sisters, eh, we are going to live as long as Jehovah lives; and Jehovah never dies. You will never die. You will live forever. Think of that."
    Theodore Jaracz00:20:33"Everyone who comes here, they're brothers and sisters related to us in the faith. They're dear to our hearts. That's why we highly esteem this family. We valuate them for what they are. They're the best spiritual assets we have."

  • slimboyfat

    Many thanks. These 90s videos are nostalgic, down to the music and the old fashioned clothes. Dan Sydlik used to be the roundest GB member. He looks positively trim in retrospect.

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