Tonight country boy Amer. Idol gets the boot!

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  • ThiChi

    ""There is no way that Josh is going to make it through this round.""

    That's what most here said last week! Who Knows?

  • morrisamb

    I'm afraid Mulan and ThiChi are correct...boohoo...I want Kimberley to win!

  • morrisamb

    5 more minutes and it's showtime! I wonder how they'll drag this one out???!!!!

  • morrisamb

    Since I started this thread, let me be the first to say that Josh sang the best he's ever sang tonight ON HIS SECOND SONG. I did not care that much for the first one but the second one was superb.

    I also agree with Simon on Clay's second song...although I'm glad Clay has finally peaked out of the closet, It wasn't that great. Regardless his first song was fantastic.

    Kimberley rocked in her bluesy second song Emotion...I thought her originality was wonderful...

    For me, all 4 did great...but Clay was the least interesting for me.

  • sandy

    Bee Gees theme was awesome!!! I love it! Everone was great last night.

    Clay - Loved his first song!!!! I enjoyed watching him sing Grease. I don't think he should have picked that song. But he was alright on it. I was entertained. I watched Grease right after the show. I love that movie!!!

    Josh - He was the best ever last night. His first song was alright. The second song was great!!! He really surprised me. I still think he should be voted off tonight. I think the other three are much better and deserve to compete with each other.

    Kimberly - She is a good singer. I enjoyed her last night. I still do not think she should be the AI. Most of the time she is boring. She never really excites me. I liked both her songs last night. Her voice sounded pettier than it has in awhile.

    Ruben - He was awesome, especially his second song. He is always cosistant and his song choices are great.

    I really want it to come down to Clay and Ruben. They are both better that last season's and this season's contestants.

  • shera

    I want Clay to win. But if ruben does,thats great too,as long as Clay gets somewhere with that voice of his.

  • TresHappy

    Josh redeemed himself last night with Bee Gee's music. I wasn't blown away with any of these. However Clay's voice is amazing and he will definitely have a career. I see him doing Broadway or something like that. I think Ruben will win. He seems to be the crowd's favorite. And Josh has a career in country. I still say he should be on Nashville Star.

  • morrisamb

    Missed it tonight but I hear Josh did get the boot...I hope Kimberley rocks everyone's world next week!!! But I will be happy with either Reuben or Clay...I'm glad Kimberley made it to 3rd...that is an amazing accomplishment!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I missed the show - sort of - wound up with 3 phone calls and I I was just too slow to NOT pick up the phone so the TV was on but I really didn't hear them. Glad to hear though that Josh is gone.

  • joelbear

    I liked all the final 5. I liked Trenyce and the final 4. Its hard to see any of them get voted off now. I put Josh on my dream date page he is so adorable. I could just, well, you know.

    I think all the final 5 deserve some break into show business. I think they are all stars.


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