Guys were you ever on security at the assembly K.H ? Tell us your funny story's

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  • jookbeard

    was on the field security for a few years at Twickenham, nothing much to say,boring long hours, the only break in the monotony is checking out the chicks, we did have a protester one time run the field and try to get to the platform, not on my watch though and the protester was quickly dealt with.

  • Diogenesister

    Jookbeard what year was that?

  • stillin

    Karter, I heard a similar story to yours. The brother who was at

    The door insisting he be let in a

    was a CO and a man of "color." He even used the "race card" to try to get the door opened to him but the brother doing security stood his ground. He reported the incident to his "captain" because he knew he hadn't heard the last of it, and sure enough, they had to have a big deal meeting. The CO had to apologize! Haha!

  • jookbeard

    Diogenesister; about the mid 1980's till 1992, I think that actual incident was 89 or 1990

  • FedUpJW

    I worked counting room security (we all know how important money is to the WT). The instructions were that NO ONE was allowed in to the counting room without showing a special red badge that was under their ID badge. A pompous jack-ass who was convention overseer came strutting up and tried to walk past me. I stopped him and asked to see his pass. He arrogantly said, "You KNOW me. (I knew him for years) I am the CONVENTION OVERSEER!. Let me by!" I again refused, physically blocking his way. He ran off to get the department head. When they came back he complained bitterly about my "disrespecting him." The other brother said, "Where is your pass?" When he wouldn't provide it again that other guy sent him on his way, mumbling about how nobody respected his position.

    Just another reason I became FedUp

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