Guys were you ever on security at the assembly K.H ? Tell us your funny story's

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  • karter

    I was on security at an assembly and we were told not to let anyone no matter who they were in before 730 am . This bro who was always full of himself come along and wanted to be let in I said we were under strict instructions not to let anyone in before 730. He kept trying to talk me around and failed so he said " do you know who I am "? I said " yes a humble servent of jehovah just like the rest of us". Another time a sister had leaft her husband who was not a j.w and know to be violent and we were told not to let him in to the K.H . He turns up and we explain he's not aloud in after a while and me trying to calm him down he gets really heated up then this great big bro comes out grabs him and says " if we see your face here again I'm gping to take it off you" we never saw him again

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    One night I spent 4 hours, from 8 to 12 midnight, sitting in a car with an old English brother. This was in Canada. Anyways, the whole night nothing happened, we just parked the car so we could see the grounds and entrance to the Assembly Hall. Reggie, the Englishman, spent the whole time talking about his high blood pressure and when he was in 'the service', 'When I was in the service, this...' and '...when I was in the service...' that. Hour after hour. At first I thought it didn't make any sense. Then he started talking about his .303 rifle and others in his regiment, and I am thinking, 'What kind of field service do they have in England?' Finally my 18 year old brain figures out, ' He's not talking about 'field service witnessing' , but he's talking about 'in the service' in the English army. After that I would listen to him at the Kingdom Hall talking to whoever, old sisters, brothers, kids, and he would always talk about 'when I was in the service.' Funny, they were always wondering what the h#ll he was talking about.

  • Diogenesister

    Good story Esse quam videri, Bless him...sounds like he missed it. I knew an old elder who fought in the Mau Mau war ( Kenya in the 50s) . He used to reminisce all the time....told me the greatest danger were the baboons, they would hunt lone humans...fall from the trees above...he saw them tear a man limb from limb. They deleted him as an elder for alcoholism, he was always drunk but very red faced so unfortunately it was obvious. Nice guy. I think he suffered from PTSD.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Young man kept moving from seat to seat, so I finally pulled him aside surrounded by other brothers working security and I ask, can I help? He turn to me and ask, is this the James Brown show????We walked him out, obviously he had a mental problem...C. Assembly..

  • zeb

    I offered my experience ...once as I have radio experience and I have worked in a s security job. but I was not in the right suit or such. At the next convention I heard young brothers chattering away on the radios which were open channels used across the community and saying 'who was that?' when some voice came on they didn't know. But they were oh so important...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    The BEST thing about it is that it gave me an IRON-CLAD excuse to sleep through the assembly programs. "I'm needed to protect Jehovah's physical assets!"

    It's like the Bethelite who peels potatoes rejoicing in his "sacred service!" Yeah, he's a minister, according to Idaho 3:16.

    One time while we were up all night, there was a traffic accident on the road that went past the stadium, and having nothing more urgent to attend to at "O-dark-thirty" we went over to see if we could help.

    The accident involved a passenger car and an ICE CREAM TRUCK. It was summer, it was HOT (90+ degrees) and this was in Washington DC adjacent to a poor neighborhood. The neighbors had a great deal of interest in "rescuing" the inventory that was on the truck, so one of the smart guys in our team quickly concocted a story about how refrigerant gas had CONTAMINATED all the ice cream.

    It worked! The inventory remained un-pilfered!

    No one was injured in the accident and we didn't take any of the ice cream.

    We sincerely wanted to be helpful, not opportunistic parasites.

  • schnell

    Not security, but at the last one day assembly here a few weeks back, the middle school where it's held has only one driveway for entry and exit. Just one driveway. And the brothers in charge of parking had allowed it to be clogged down to one lane.

    So when we got to lunch, of course people wanted to come and go, but there were no brothers on duty for parking. Nobody was there to direct traffic with only one lane for entry and exit. I saw that, and despite my beard, I handed my wife our bags to put in the car, and started directing traffic until it cleared out a little.


  • schnell

    @Nathan Natas I once saw a friend make a dangerous left hand turn to get into the parking lot, right in the way of oncoming traffic, things happened, and their gate was destroyed. I'm not gonna say he cost our circuit its assembly venue, I'm just gonna say we no longer had that assembly venue. . .

  • HereIgo

    I never worked security at the KH, but I did work it during assemblies and district conventions. I was the brother guarding the door when the bros were counting all of the donations. My job was to not let anyone in, not even Jesus himself. I remember all of the dirty looks people used to give me. I know they were thinking " who the hell do u think u are to not let me through?" I was just a punk 19 year old MS. LOL

  • joe134cd

    I was doing the car park check and meet this guy who just started spurting off scriptures to me. He was harmless really, so I didn't want to be rude to him. So I told him I had a friend who may be able to help him. This was an elder who I knew was a right S.O.B and I let him do the dirty work for me

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