Elders face the Lion of Self-Abuse

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  • fulltimestudent
    Giordano : You know the WT is 100% right........ using a lion!

    Hmm? I have no problem with your essential premise, but I have some problems with the biblical usage of lion imagery.

    Some random thoughts:
    Why? the Revelation images Jesus as both a lamb and a lion, essentially a victim and avictor. OK, I more or less get that bit of Christian theology, but lions are more than 'killers' of victims as when 1 Peter 5:8 presents Satan as a 'raging lion seeking to devour us.' Is Jesus also a raging lion seeking to devour us by controlling our lives. Isn't most of what we did as JWs, things that 'Christianity' demands of its followers?.
    So what else do lions do? As our friend Giordano reminds us they have sexual endurance. Is that aspect of lionology a good image for Christians? If not. why not? If some aspects of lion-life are great images for Christians, why not all aspects? After all, if YHWH inspires Bible writers, how could he ignore some points of the illustrations he supposedly inspires? He MUST KNOW ALL about lion-life. That famous Psalm (104) that praises YHWH as creator notes in verse 21,
    "The maned young lions are roaring for the prey, And for seeking their food from God himself."
    So YHWH gives the ravenous young lions their "food." which distorts the imagery of 1 Peter 5:8, doesn't it?
    There's another aspect of lion-life that enlightens our image of Jesus as the Lion of Judah. Have you ever imagined Jesus as evidenced in this video?

  • eyeuse2badub

    Isn't Jesus the "LION from the tribe of Judah"?

    just asking!


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