Joel Osteen's Church is a Cult too ??

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    Cold eel - LOL - I'm kidding after I noticed how you typed my screen name. I'm sure the Morman's do a lot of charity compared to the JWs -- not that it would take much because the WT does nothing but I get what you're saying.

    Are they really first boots on the ground before the gov't? I admire many things about the Morman religion. I have a dear friend of 50 yrs and she's as loyal as they come. She told me during one of the last castastrophes that the Morman Church was first on the site. I told her I'd heard the same about the Baptists - really!! She laughed.

    I don't know what Osteen's thing is -- as long as he's involved with helping the underprivileged and those in crisis I really don't care what his schtick is. Better he help others to a better living than expect them to go without for his religion like the WT cult.

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