Overlapping Transactions

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  • Vidiot
    Sourgrapes - "...she chimed in just like a true die-hard JW, 'Well just think how much closer we are today compared to then'..."

    * facepalm *

  • Dunedain

    I know my Father never thought him and my Mom were gonna get past the 1970s, lol. They came into the "truth" in 1973, and almost never had me, as they thought the big "A" was right around the corner. Alas, they did have me, as i was born in 1975.

    So, then over the years, each milestone in life was thought that it was never going to arrive. First, i was never going to go to school in this system, but Kindergarten came and went, in 1980. Then Middle school, then driving, then graduating high school. Before you realize it, EVERYTHING has passed by.

    I am happy to say that my parents honestly never really placed important life decisions on hold, and DID live as though the system maybe would last longer than they at first anticipated. My Father had a job with a pension, and has a very comfortable retirement. They had children, me and my sister. They own their home, and are comfortable.

    Now in the twilight of their years, their eyes are fully open. They are not deluded anymore, and realize that there is a distinct possibility that they WERE lied to all these years, by a captive organization. I give them credit too, that at the final decade of their life they are strong enough to except that maybe it all was bullshit. My Father is smart enough to see that this is NOT the same organization he first joined. That the GB are full of shit. He even says that when HE was baptized the questions you had to answer were different than later, and the emphasis was not of the GB being Gods channel, so he says he did NOT dedicate his life to THEM, so he doesnt need to listen to THEM.

    After awhile, when you keep seeing the goal post moved further away, and the lies are fully revealed, and everything you were told was going to happen, DIDNT, then you either wake up, like my parents did, or you close off your mind to the reality of things, and die living a complete and utter LIE. Sadly, most older JWs are experiencing the latter.

  • FedUpJW

    Three generations of JDubs who thought they would not die are dead and the current believers will also die.

    Shouldn't that be ONE lonnNngg overlapping generation? LOL

  • Dunedain

    Another story i have is of an older brother who has also been in the Borg since the early 80s. When i was in my teens i worked with this brother, and he would constantly say, "If we get another year in this system", or " I cant see this system going another year", or "You cant tell me that Armageddons not right around the corner".

    It was constant, he was always saying things like this. Mind you, i worked with him for many years, and every 6 months he was saying the same thing. Well, after i was DF'd we mutually agreed to stop working with each other, but still remained good friends at heart, and i would always touch base with him every so often. In fact, we even many years later, had another business deal that we went into together.

    Fast forward about 20 years later, and him and i had to meet to discuss something concerning our latest little business deal. During the breakfast he says, just like he used to 20 somewhat years ago, "If we see another year in this system". I looked at him, laughed a little, and said, You are STILL saying that, lol. You realize you have been saying that same thing for over 20 years now, right.

    Well, he stopped, and i could see he had to really think about it. Granted, he didnt say anything else, and i didnt push it either, but i KNOW it planted a seed, and he probably was, as he had always been, saying it out of habit. Yet, when he had to stop and think about it, he was saying that we probably wont get past another YEAR in this system, but for OVER 20 YEARS.

    If that doesnt make ya think, i dont know what will.

  • Simon

    There's definitely similarity to people who have been conned financially who don't want to admit and may even invest more in the failing scheme hoping it will all come good in the end.

    Of course you loose money plus a lot more with the WTS.

  • redvip2000

    I see this in my own family. My mother as far back as I can remember has been saying similar things about the system about to end.

    I have no doubt in my mind she will go to her grave murmuring those same noises. Entire lives are spent are in that rat race, year after year, wasting it away until you die.

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