"You Should Not Even Eat With Any Such Person".

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    Me thinks the secretary will preachTM herself right out of a job!


  • ozziepost
    the secretary will preachTM herself right out of a job

    And later she'll be interviewed on a circuit assembly part describing her persecution and how she remained loyal, even if it meant losing her job!

  • Jayson

    Jayson says w h a t e v e r

    But I also remember how uncomfortable it was when something that had been being done is now a taboo when I made the mistake of employing JW's. The elders always had to mess with things. (Like I give a hoot what they think can and can't be done.) If there is not a dfted in the mix it is koser. But if there is one then it is not a whole lot of fun. (Note to self, Do no business or social events with active JW's.)

  • Ravyn

    Is till don't see why she would think making someone a cup of tea would be 'sharing a meal'! did she intend to make cucumber sandwiches and sit down and join you? talk about swallowing a friggin camel!


  • Ravyn

    next time you go in to see her boss bring a huge box of expensive chocolates, show them to her and tell her she can't have any--don't want to force her into 'sharing a meal'!


  • cellomould

    What a silly rule anyhow...

    ...the only way to express your choice of lifestyle is to demonize someone else's choice of lifestyle?

    JWs do not have an ounce of moral authority and, deep down inside, they know it. That is why they stick with the ticky-tack rules.



    You know Eman, that was a good analogy, never thought of that before.

    Another thing that crossed my mind is that various nations that came into contact with one another may have had hygiene standards that may have been lower than their own (Paul and his fellow believers).

    It may have also been that they were sick or ill after having shared the communal bowl with other nations/outsiders (variety of reasons I'm sure).

    I am going at it from the hygiene perspective. Given some of the rules/laws regarding food preparation, animal slaughter etc., most of the early Christains, I would guess, knew the practices of their neighbouring nations, thus knew better than to taint themselves with unhealthy/unclean people (in the literal sense).

    No...this is not anything I have read or heard about before, just some idea that popped into my head.

    Oh well.....wish I could have partaken of that meal you mentioned Eman, I'm sure it was absolutely delicious.

    Rayzorblade of the Cheese Whiz class.

  • Englishman

    Oh well.....wish I could have partaken of that meal you mentioned Eman, I'm sure it was absolutely delicious.

    Cheers, Razorblade.

    It's one of HL's specialities, she's a super cook BTW. Basically it was chicken with lot's off goodies thrown in, olives, peppers, celery, thyme, coriander etc etc.

    Re the actual subject of the thread, my description of the tea saga seems to have thrown it off course somewhat, I'm really keen to see if any Bible scholars have any input on the communal feeding out of the same bowl scenario.


  • ozziepost

    "Eating with a person" in a middle eastern context is much, much different to what we might do in a western environment. You could hardly compare having a Big Mac at McDonalds with what is being referred to in the text about eating with a person.

    So the M-E eating with a person carries with it a sense of mutuality, union, etc.

    Just another area where the WTS since the time of Joe Ratherflawed have misinterpreted scripture.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • freeman

    Englishman, I’m afraid I’m a far cry from a “biblical scholar” (I’m just a computer guy), that said I do know more then most dubs about most biblical subjects. That’s not due to me being particularly knowledgeable, I’m not; it’s due to the average dub being so completely ignorant of the life, customs, beliefs, and practices of the early church.

    The average dub has no understanding of the practices of early Christians and how far removed they themselves are removed from such. Early Christians absolutely did not go to people’s homes uninvited. To do so would have been disrespectful to the highest degree. They met in the homes of believers, not strangers. You would not know this from the twisting of the scriptures via the NWT. And without knowing the details of the two forms of worship (public and private) practiced by the early Christians, you would not know the importance of the “meal” with regard to worship and which was to not be engaged in with persons removed from the congregation.

    In the case of Ray Franz, i.e. the “meal” he had with his boss and then used as a basis to dis-fellowship him, is in fact not the type of worship meal referred to by the words "not even eating with . . .". I will leave it for other true scholars to cite the proper sources to back this up. (I used to have a listing of citations but I can’t seem to find them at this time).

    PS: the dyslexia is really kicking in today so please overlook any typo’s or disjointed sentences, I can’t see the errors so I can’t correct them.


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