They Came To The Door!

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    Would the one and only people of the sovereign of the universe be representing him like this? Shouldn't they be boldly defending their doctrine and strongly and boldly giving a clear shout of warning to an entire world they think is about to be violently destroyed?

    That was one of the many things that started me on the road leading off the hamster wheel. I just could not accept that IF what I believed was the truth why would I want to refrain from defending it? If peoples lives were in fact hanging in the balance depending on what I told them why would I want to sound an indistinct message? Why would I want to claim to have the light of truth and then hide it? Their own Bible condemns them, again.

    (1 Corinthians 14:8, 9) 8 For if the trumpet sounds an indistinct call, who will get ready for battle? 9 In the same way, unless you with the tongue use speech that is easily understood, how will anyone know what is being said? You will, in fact, be speaking into the air. . .

    (Matthew 5:15, 16) 15 People light a lamp and set it, not under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it shines on all those in the house. 16 Likewise, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your fine works and give glory to your Father who is in the heavens.

  • FedUpJW
    So, yes, they are not the confident debaters they once were, in my recent experience.

    They are though master debaters. Just watch their infamous sign language video.

  • WingCommander

    If God's message of Universal Sovereignty and Hailstone Message about the Time of the End were so 1000% important as the JW's claim it has been for over 120 years now, and that it is in the final seconds, IMMINENT.......then by god they should utilize every red cent to buy all the radio, TV, satellite, cable, internet, and any other media they can afford to blast and broadcast their message throughout the entire earth as a "Witness to the Nations" of God's impending Judgment, and that the time to repent and get into this new final Ark is NOW!

    I mean, as the "Faithful and Discreet Slave, appointed over all of Christ's belongings, in charge of God's One True Organization", would you not expect them to do anything less?

    When I realized that they were really doing the bare minimum (and this was over 25 years ago) it was yet ANOTHER "red flag" moment to me that they really aren't about getting out the message. They're about keeping the rank-n-file sheeple too busy to ask questions, and also to keep them in state of perpetual fear in order to rape their wallets from the cradle to the grave.

    The WT cult is about stealing as much money from their members as they possibly can and giving back absolutely NOTHING in return of any value. No charity is shown. No orphanages, hospitals, soup kitchens, retirement homes. In fact, you can NEVER do enough, be good enough, perfect enough. Then at the end of your pitiful existence on this planet, IF you have 2 nickels saved up or god-forbid a house, you are expected to donate it all to this Corporate fraud instead of your own flesh and blood.

    What a scam and a farce of a religion.

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    Your post is one hundred percent accurate as to what the JW religion is!!! If I could smash the like button more times I would.

    It really is bullshit their so-called urgency and I thought so myself that if they were really doing a warning work they would use the media.. Think about it: if people in a community needed to be warned about some impending danger - they wouldn’t send old ladies out door-to-door putting fliers in people’s doors would they? Everything else you said I have said so myself.

    They take and offer nothing! NO material aid whatsoever in the way of soup kitchens, etc. like the churches of ‘Babylon the Great’ offer to the needy...One might think that with all the poor and needy the JWs created who followed their bad advice not to get careers - that they would set up some facility for assistance. But No. Any so-called help is like a mirage in the desert.. They have the balls to think the fewer responsible members left in congregations are going to give these people money and in effect support them til they die. The idea is ludicrous and unsustainable.

    Some ‘brothers’ were in my area in the summer and came to my door. I was polite to them but told them plainly that I would never go back there and would not give money to people who never worked (I got criticized for working)…nor would I tolerate the panhandling that has come to be there.

  • Foolednomore

    Watchtower's frowning on higher education and then asking for paralegals or engineers that are trained to help them for free. Ooh, Please!

  • NotFormer

    Vanderhoven7, they weren't there to "discuss the bible" (as per the video) but for the memorial invitation. I suppose I could go to their house and invite them to my church for communion; that church has communion at every Sunday service. And they don't even have to watch the emblems whizz past!

  • Riley


    Jesus died for the anointed remnant, who later turn out to be the governing body.

    The whole ceremony is basically glorifying these 8 men. Just a friendly reminder , Jesus died for them and them alone but the good news is if you join the right club and work really really hard , Jehovah might not hit you with a flaming piece of rock at the big A. Better commit suicide, if you want to hold a piece on Paradise earth for your do over.

    Just the sheer arrogance of it makes my skin crawl.

  • NotFormer

    Riley, you've pointed out something that has raised (or theoretically raised) its ugly head since the changes in 2012: who exactly is supposed to/allowed to partake?

    My understanding was that the FDS was a class, identical with the 144,000. They were known as the anointed? And only the annointed could partake?

    With the change, are the 144,000 still annointed?

    Can only the GB partake now? I'm not being silly or facetious; I'm genuinely confused!

    Also, I've read on another thread that the FDS designation is very specific: that the FDS only exists as an entity at a GB meeting in the presence of "holy spirit". Is that correct? If so, can the GB only partake if they are in a properly convened GB meeting?

    Hopefully someone here has a handle on all this; on this subject, I'm hopelessly lost!

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