The insanity continues

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  • zeb

    For all our faults we made sure our kids had friends outside of the borg. and school camps and outings.

  • Nevuela

    Gefangene What?! That makes no sense, not even for a JW! In what bass-ackwards world is it okay to want to bring someone into "the truth" so they can "live forever on paradise earth" without even being their friend? You want to share good things with those you care about; when you grow to care about someone, whether intentionally or not, they become your - say it with me - friend.

    I know JWs are likely to try to twist this logic around to save face, but really, what sense does it make? I honestly want to know how they can say JWs should not befriend worldly people, yet claim to want to share the oh-so-wonderful "truth" with them. They're pretty much defying their own logic here, if you ask me. :/

  • Nevuela

    Wayward That doesn't make sense, claiming non-JWs won't survive Armageddon. Every single JW I have ever known has told me that everyone will be resurrected, even the very worst of humanity, because our own death absolves us of our sins, and that we will all be tested one final time by Satan after the thousand-year reign of Jesus in paradise has made us all perfect. If we choose Satan's side then, we will be destroyed forever.

  • Diogenesister


    Hi, Those that are already dead will be resurrected, however if you are still alive at armageddon you will be destroyed by Jehovah and Antony Morris III flexing his brand new 'fire ball arm!' That's the usual interpretation that witnesses give of the Revelation "global jihad"

  • Wayward

    Neveula, Diogenesister has it exactly right. If you die five minutes before Armageddon starts, you get a free pass into Paradise. Die a second after it begins, sorry, you're out of luck. Sick, twisted, and wrong-headed, but that's what they believe.

    And Witnesses never 'befriend' non-JWs without an ulterior motive: to convert you. If you refuse to convert, they drop you like a piece of garbage and move on to someone else. Once you're in, they may still drop you because there's now no incentive to keep being nice to you; you're already hooked and they're on to someone else to convert.

  • blondie

    Some quotes from the WTS as to who will be resurrected and who will not be resurrected.

  • Vidiot

    Q: "Are they Witnesses?"

    A: "Uh... no."

    Q: "Then who the f**k cares?"

  • Vidiot

    FedUpJW - " is glaringly obvious that they think there can be no chance of actually knowing and getting along with anyone outside their tiny circle of conditional friends..."

    Well, let's be honest...

    ...for a loyal JW, there isn't, really. :smirk:

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