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  • FedUpJW

    As if anymore proof were needed that what used to be the religion I was baptized into has ceased to exist I was asked this insane question, when I mentioned to a JDub that someone I knew was celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. . ."How do you know them? Are they Witnesses?"

    I didn't used to really think about that insane question in the past, but now that I have woke up to TTATT it is glaringly obvious that they think there can be no chance of actually knowing and getting along with anyone outside their tiny circle of conditional friends. When I said it was a person I knew because of common interests, not a JDub or someone I worked with, you would have thought they were going to faint dead away from shock and disappointment.

    As another poster used to say before I joined this forum, "Let's review. IT'S A CULT!"

  • ab.ortega

    I am not fond of that question. When someone would ask about my family wanting to know if I had siblings I would tell them "Yes I have so and so and so and so" Then the next question would be annoying: "Are they witnesses?" or "Are they in 'the truth'?" I'd say no and then it would just get awkward. Ugghh

  • FedUpJW

    And even more insanity at the WT session this morning.

    Paragraph stated that, "Until they talk with Jehovah’s Witnesses, many do not understand what sin is,. . ."

    The blatant arrogance of the writer could only be mistaken by the idiots who were feeling the orgasmic tingle down their legs as they gleefully opined about how no one except Jdubs really know what sin is until the Jdubs with the help of the governing body bring that news to the people's doors. I nearly gagged on the "comments".

    The growing insanity on the part of so many members of this cult should be of concern to the medical profession.

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    My sister has been an inactive JW for years, ran a nightclub and has never been investigated for it. she goes clubbing with other JWs and there are photos of them all drunk on social media. Some seem to get away with so much while others are scrutinized! :-/ x

  • Finkelstein

    It is also the case or fact that JWS are expected to be only closely associated with other JWS first and foremost, if otherwise its a " Oh I See ! "

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, the classic way to speak about ones we know (friends) who are not witnesses is to say "an aquaintance I know" rather than "a good friend of mine"

    Witnesses cant say they have friend unless that friend is a witness...

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "How do you know them? Are they Witnesses?"

    I think the best way to respond to this question in a way that would shame the JW and shake some moral sense into him is to say:

    "No, he's not a JW. He's a good friend of mine. We met at [such and such]. He is a really good person. What I really appreciate about him is that he doesn't think less of me, or prejudicially judge me as bad association or a danger to him spiritually, just because I'm not a member of his religion. He also does not try to push his religion on me. It's so refreshing to have a friend like him who values me for my personality and does not prejudicially judge me just because I'm not a member of his religion."

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I was ask to meet with the Minsters in my city for breakfast once a week.

    Of course I turned the invitation down and they never ask me why.

    I'am so happy they never ask why, because I would have told them you are Minsters for

    Satan and they would have kicked me out of town.

  • Gefangene
    the classic way to speak about ones we know (friends) who are not witnesses is to say "an aquaintance I know" rather than "a good friend of mine"

    When I was in my early twens I had an assignment at the meeting. As a setting i had put that i was witnessing to a schoolfriend

    Later on i was counscelled from the platform on how others from school are not supposed to be our "friends"

    This cult is just awful

  • Wayward

    Gefangene, I got that 'no making friends at school because they're toast at Armageddon' speech from my mother. She actually sat us kids down and told us flat out we couldn't make friends who weren't JWs because they were all bad. I was literally in tears because I only had one close friend and she was a girl at school. Otherwise I was the school outcast. Now I see how cruel and messed up it is to tell young kids that. And Mom wondered why I had no social skills!

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