A Hard Day

by DJ 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Mystery

    I don't know what to say...

    I am so sorry. Your love for your dad is unconditional and for your family. I wish JW's were the way they profess to be. Unfortunately their attitude is "it is US or THEM" and we know who THEM are. They will never know peace. It is really sad.


  • rocketman

    Hugs DJ,

    It's amaxing how intolerant of others jws are with regard to beliefs. In actually, she seems to be betraying the very values that she supposedly holds dear, namely, to show love, compassion, patience, and empathy.

  • DJ

    Thanks guys. I know that you can all relate. That's why this place is so valuable. I would have no other way of knowing whether or not to take their behavior personally or not.....if I didn't have this board. It is the next day now and I have decided to just visit my pop when I can, help my mom but keep a limit because I have to put my kids first from now on. My pop would agree with that, he would not want me to neglect my kids for his sake. My mom...well...she doesn't give that a thought. As far as my siblings go....I'm done. I have to be. I have to keep my head clear from their nonsense. I guess that 2 years without a blowout is something to be proud of, in a way. It was way overdue. I have given my all by not responding in a negative way to their 'preaching' but I suppose I had all that i could take yesterday. My non-jw brother? He isn't friendly. He has been helping my parents only because he loves them too. I won't see him until a funeral again. I have my husband and kids and I need to wake the heck up and try to please their needs. I need to break from the need to be loved by those who hate me. It's stupid. Why am I not content with the people who really show me love? I hate that about myself. love, dj

  • Mulan

    This terrible. I feel so badly for you.

    Your Dad truly exemplifies a true Christian. (the love he shows you) For most of JW's, the love of Christ truly eludes them. I am so sorry.

  • calamityjane


    I'm so sorry to hear of your pain and the heartless way in which we are treated by our dub families. Just know that we are here for you and share in your pain.



  • cruzanheart

    (((((DJ))))) I am so sorry, my dear. Weddings, family illness, and funerals bring out the absolute worst in families. I'm glad you are taking comfort from your dad's love -- he sounds like a marvelous person. Your mother is probably frantically trying to keep her mind off the inevitable by planning for the future, but it is an odd time to do it -- I see a lot of denial in her actions. Your sister is unforgiveable, but just remember you are there for your father, not her.

    Please keep us updated on your dad's condition, and tell him that there are a lot of people he's never met who are hoping he feels better.



  • DJ

    Thanks for the support guys. I admit it...I'll probably never change, I called my sister today, just to apologize for yelling but she wouldn't pick up her phone. I know that she was there because my mom called me right after and said that she was home. Oh well. I hate it..... the fact that I am the only one who seems to care about my family's relationship. They have backstabbed each other all through out this ordeal. I have kept quiet, hoping that they would see that I was never a part of it. They only see themselves and only care about themselves. A very sad legacy for my pop to leave behind are his hateful children. One of my brother's and one sister had my other sister dragged before the elders twice because they didn't agree with her opinion about my pop's medical care and she let my mom know. She was seen as dishonoring her mother. She did yell about it to my mom but at that time my mom needed to wake up. They never listened to what she said only the tone that she used! The irony is that my family always yells at each other. It wasn't something new. The decision to take my pop off of his treatments was based on something that a dub in Canada said....it was misinformation! My pop's doctors tried to straighten it out with my mom but she chose to believe the dub instead of specialists who treat these types of tumors. My mom refused to have a pet scan done which would have shown if the treatment had worked or not. Why? Because of a dub who gave her false information. That is why my pop has been given up on. May God help them.

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