Did the Fall of the Berlin Wall fulfill Bible Prophecy ?

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  • prologos

    If any of our participants here are from Berlin, they would have gotten the gist. Under both the Nazis and the Commies, it was very risky to criticise, let alone ridicule the ruling regime, but the galgenhumor was a cottage industry. so, DJS, if you did not get the satire, you know the reason how people like me survived both dictatorships, we can sting without the object of our mirth knowing it on the surface, , or daring to react. both nazis and commies are gone, can the prophecy panderers be far behind?

    PS: I guarantee you the even the wt conductor will not catch a BS comment like this in time to kill the mike, and might only realize after a night sleep, that he has been had.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I answer yes... for the superstitious, everything which happens is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

    I prophecy that when the majority of JWs can joke about their leaders (galgen humour or openly) all will know that it is the "last days" for the organisation. Let those who are in Walkill, Warwick and Patterson take to the hills.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    (spelling: I prophesy)

  • DJS

    Prologos (aka Legend),

    In a review of your OP history, and based on your own statements, you are keenly interested in DarkTower doctrine. And when I say doctrine, based on your OPs, I mean that you:

    Show an obsession with the Dark Lords. But a lot of people on the site have that malady.

    Have a fascination/obsession with the 144,000, DarkLords vs. the Other Sheep. A number of posts about partaking, a disregard for the DarkLords' impervious nature (they can do no wrong), with numerous scriptural references show that this is one of the primary doctrinal differences between you and the DarkLords and the reason for your mental exit. Hurts not being invited to the reindeer games, doesn't it?

    That's ok. Whatever gets you through the night - and out of the DarkTower is A-ok with me. I wanted to live my life as I desired. And chase short skirts.

    Have made a multitude of posts about scriptural interpretation. And when I say scriptural interpretation I mean that you believe that the DarkLords got it wrong on many, many scriptures, prophecies and their interpretations. You've presented your own interpretations many times and illustrated how they are superior.

    You are also a bit if a conspiracy theorist. But again, you share that illness with quite a few boneheads on this site.

    Given all this, I find it extremely unlikely that you were joking when you made your prophetic interpretations about Merkel and the Wall. And when I say extremely I'm not buying it for a second. Your own interpretation is a thing of beauty. To you. That you knew people like me would respond in that special manner in which people like me respond suggests you were trying to mitigate the verbosity. From people like me. But you love scriptural and prophetic interpretation. It's what you do. It's who you are. It's your niche. Your passion. Your special skill.

    It was late afternoon in Seattle when I posted about whether you were joking. Being the octogenarian that you are it is unlikely you had anything better to do than read my response, which followed very quickly on the heels of your prophetic message. It took you all night to figure out how to moon walk your way out of this.

    Nope. Not buying it. You and Vanderhoven should team up. He tried moon walking out of a similar situation the other day, something about Trump and the Tribulation or some such nonsense.

    As Viv would say (god I love that girl), own it.

  • punkofnice

    Any prophecy from any book or person/s is nonsense. There is no god or spirits that foretell anything.

    It's all a sad delusion to make people feel special when they're not.

    We are simply life forms that will die without memory or consciousness.

    It's time to be realistic.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    ^^^ All the facts and available evidence point towards what Punk has said. ^^^

  • DJS

    Numerous empirical studies encompassing decades of research all have resulted in similar findings. The consensus of these studies, conducted by people with those PhD thing-ies, is that those entrenched in both End of Time or Conspiracy Theories as their operating systems are more likely to be less intelligent and less ambitious than others.

    Researchers don't know whether this is a chicken/egg issue, but they consider that each of these factor into it. So whether it is the chicken/egg or the egg/chicken, these things are facts:

    a. Being entrenched in End of Time beliefs robs one of intellectual exploration, ambition and motivation. It also engenders a persona of fear and paranoia. Confirmation bias becomes their master, and they live their lives accordingly (why explore/travel/learn when your beloved is a comin' soon). End of Time beliefs/practices are a disease. An infection. A malaise. They contribute to the de-evolution of our species, hamper progressive social, environmental changes and progress. Dummfukks are too stupid to realize that we live in the best time ever. Which time period would you end of timers prefer to live in? If you pick any time period before the mid 20th century your life expectancy would be between 24 and 34 and most of your babies/children would die before they were 5.

    So pick one, dummbfucks. No running water. No central HVAC. No medical care of note. You break something on your body and it is going to be bent and malformed until you die. You get a skin condition and it will be your friend until you die. Get a tooth knocked out? Just hope you live in Arkansas. You want to be warmer? Grab an axe or go a fetchin'. You want to be cooler? Good luck with that.

    And yet you end of timers are firmly entrenched in your paranoia and can't wait for your beloved to slaughter billions. Just for you. Fine. Keep it. Just stop trying to spread it to others.

    b. Being entrenched in a Conspiracy Theorist mentality does many of the same things. It can rob one of motivation and ambition (why try when everything/everyone is conspiring against you?), and it can engender the same fear and paranoia. The Donald seems to be an exception. It is an infection. A malaise. A disease. It contributes to the de-evolution of our species, and nothing, nothing good can come from this mindset. Keep it to yourselves or people like me will respond as needed to stop the infection.

    c. Lack of self control: Why is it that the End of Timers and the Conspiracy Theorists simply cannot keep this shit to themselves? Ego? Narcissism? That special feeling of being unique? Compensating for a lack of accomplishment in their lives? All of the above? We get it End of Timers and Conspiracy Theorists. We do.

    You compensate for your own lack of ambition, education and accomplishment by telling the rest of us just how very special you are with your special knowledge that we don't have and that bad bad things are going to happen to us while you will be safe and secure. Y'all keep it up. In the future, as the present, you will be calling people like us lord and master, and we will be your benevolent owners and you will be our pets.

    DFers. I can help you remove the chains and shackles that bind you and wean you from the opiates of your addictions.

    But you have to let me.

  • prologos
    Pon: "It's time to be realistic.

    For most of the readers here, WT doctrine was the biggest factor in their lives, just after the "short skirts" thing. so, making fun of it, is a great way to cure that malady, jehovah's trumpet style. I thought the Thread title about the wall was a joke, at least an invitation to joke. Normally I close my contribution by ending with a reference to the talking snake source of all things biblical, should have done it here.

    It is time to be realistic, have a good laugh about wt, expose their doctrinal error -their feet of clay- it is another great day.

  • Vidiot

    I've long suspected that when the Wall fell, and - more importantly - when the USSR subsequently collapsed, the WT higher-ups felt a significant measure of anxiety at the loss of one of the main bad guys in their Cold-War-centric End-Times script.

    Freddy Franz never left any kind of protege, however, so there was no one who could re-interpret Revelation to accommodate the kind of unexpected changes that came in the 90s. :smirk:

    9-11 must have felt like a f**king godsend.

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