Why are Canadians envious of Americans?

by Oroborus21 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • teenyuck

    Well heck!!! I had no idea so many of you were Canadian (or is it Canuckian?)!!!

    You all sound (cyber speaking of course) like you are from the good ole US of A!!

    I thought you had to end sentences with "Eh?" Hmmm, that threw me off...


    Seriously, besides Scully, I had no idea nor does it matter. The fact is that we are all here for a common reason; JWs. I love learning about the local customs and knowing that if I have a question on where to vacation, anywhere in the world, someone here was there or lives there.

  • Aztec

    Canuckistani's rawk! :D ~Aztec

  • shera

    Ditto Scully

    Shera who loves her American neigbours and who loves and is proud of being Canadian!

  • expatbrit

    Now I really am pissed because Xenawarrior gave a hug to the Canadians. Another reason to stop procrastinating about getting Canadian citizenship.....


  • Oroborus21

    Some of you guys need to chill a bit....this was obviously posted as a joke, tongue in cheek you know....

    relax, I like Canada a lot, hope to visit again soon.


  • dubla

    well, i dont think that canadians are jealous of americans.....and i just want to say right off that i love canada, canadians, and especially my canadian woman. ((((((((((canada))))))))))

    its funny, just before i saw this thread i read a comment by simon stating that the united states was jealous of canada.......and here we have the assumption that canadians are jealous of americans.......these types of empty arguments/statements are so ridiculous and fruitless...........surely the authors realize this?


    ps....eduardo: if it was simply meant as a joke....mabye just bad timing?

  • Seven
    I don't see it so much as jealousy as much as it is just general angst against anything or anyone that considers themselves better than others.

    Thank you Uz for summing up my first and last visit to Montreal.

  • shamus

    We are just having some fun -

    Whoever started this forum, I hope that you don't feel bad. Us Canadians don't take ourselves too seriously, and can laugh at ourselves.

  • calamityjane

    Hey I'm proud to be Canadian.

    Bite that tongue, in your cheek. or better yet get that foot out of your mouth.

  • JH

    I'm proud to be a Quebecer, Canadian, and a neighbor of the US. All three are different and I love each one of them.

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