Hi everyone!

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro


    Glad to hear you are doing well!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Love you, Cognac!


    Would send you flowers but don't know how!

  • Giordano

    Wow it sounds like any number of folks are transitioning well.

    We did that some 50 years ago............ best decision we ever made!

  • DJS


    One of my faves!!! Thanks for popping in. Glad all is well.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew
    It's a powerful song and it brings back the memories
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    I showed my still-in wife the song, knowing that she would love it.

    'Wow, it's awesome! Where'd you find that?'

    Ehhh....just stumbled upon it ;-)

  • wannaexit

    Hi Cognac: happy to hear things are well.All the best to you

  • pronomono


    Glad to see you're doing great! Adjusting to the world does take some time, but given how far back we were set with our JW upbringing, it sounds like you're doing just fine. It takes some time to undo years of deeply engrained thinking. I'm sorry to hear about your siblings, but am glad you still have some contact with your mom. I know that means a lot to you.

    Quite a bit has changed on my side since we last talked. Not only did I come out completely to my wife, but also to my family and friends. It's now common knowledge that I no longer attend any meetings and am an unbeliever. Oddly enough, no one that I care for has shunned me yet. I think most of them are still reeling in shock since this was so unexpected to a lot of people, especially many of them finding out two years after my fade began. I'm sure once the shock is over, shunning will begin, but I've become strong enough to handle it. And my wife has come around tremendously and faded with me although it sounds like she still clings to the faith somewhat. I'm not sure whats in store for the future, but I'm looking forward to it.

    I hope your future continues to get brighter every day. And avoid those clingy guys. From my observations, clingy worldly guys/girls have just as many issues as the worst JW guys/girls do.

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