Creative day 7000 years, is this correct and how did the Org come up with this idea?

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  • blondie
    According to the January 1st, 1987 Watchtower on page 30, Jehovah's Witnesses maintain that each Creative Day was 7,000 years long, totalling 49,000 years.
  • Bloody Hotdogs!
    Bloody Hotdogs!

    @ BluesBrother

    So now "Science" is to be allowed to determine the length of a Creative Day...Curious and curiouser ....

    "Creative days" are not usually the subject of scientific research. I would guess that the only "scientists" working to assign them a length are ones that already agree with Jehovah's Witnesses and the Genesis account of creation.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have always stated that their interpretation of Genesis is entirely consistent with "true science" while teaching that each creative "day" was only "thousands" of years long.

    Besides, we know JWs reject most of natural history from their teachings on other subjects, like the order of creation, flood, water canopy, mammoths, dinosaurs, fossils, radiometric dating, and so on...

  • prologos

    BB: How gracious of wt to allow scientists to do such research and the the straw man: longer than 24 hours. wt never taught that, they taught 7000 years, whereas it is theoretically ~120 000 times longer than their old teaching.

    4.8 billion : 6 days. = .8 .--The 7th day will be 800 million years long. start overlapping now.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Blondie, you nailed it with your timeline back to Adam.

    This is not WT hype, it is in every bible. Any literal interpretation places the creation of Adam about 6000 years ago. Quite simply then we must conclude that since the evidence of man's existence on the earth is overwhelming any literal interpretation of the Adam allegory/myth is absolutely untenable.

    WTs current fudge of the creative day issue cannot slide over this hard fact. WT is completely wrong and every doctrine that flows from this is misguided.

  • prologos

    Blondie; According to the January 1st, 1987 Watchtower on page 30, Jehovah's Witnesses maintain that each Creative Day was 7,000 years long, totalling 49,000 years. thank you, trust researcher.

    The flaw with the wt calculation is, that on the cosmic scale the seventh day has barely started, not finished, so you have to divide or multiply by 6, not seven imho. It was not that long ago that evolution stopped and the snakes shut up for good.

  • freddo

    I have in front of me the old "green bible" - this one revised in "1970 C.E." - on page 1461 there is the "table of the books of the bible". The columns show name of book/writer/place written/writing completed/time covered.

    In the "Time Covered (B.C.E.)" column for Genesis it says:-

    After 1:2: (meaning Ch1 v 2)

    46,026 - 1657

    I also have in front of me a deluxe 1984 revision.

    In the 1984 revision we have:

    "In the beginning" to 1657

    As the creative days become more embarrassing the awkward dates are dropped.

    I surmise that 46,026 is 6 creative days at 7000 = 42,000 plus the 4026 BCE date given for Adam's creation at the end of the sixth day. Add the final creative day (of god's rest) of 7000 years and we get to Blondie's 49,000 years, bringing us to the end of the 1000 year reign in 2975 C.E. (1975 CE being the start of it.)

    Oh how all this bollocks made sense to me as a teenager who liked to read. Can you imagine today's jw youngsters wading through this lot?

  • prologos

    the 7000 year figure is not correct no matter how derived, If you want to chop the "preparation" of the planet for us into 6 periods, you get 750 000 000 years per "day", and our current rest day should be that long too. which would leave another 5 days like that to the end of the endless planet

    The nearly endless overlapping

  • wannabefree

    In 2003 Awake, 9/22, the article "Science Was My Religion", they used the term epoch in describing the length of a creative day ... I remember at the time appreciating the reasonableness of what I thought was clarifying their abandoning the 7,000 year creative day teaching. Maybe they published something earlier. I know several months ago when having a conversation with my wife she still thought that the creative days were 7,000 years long. Goes to show not all JW's keep up with new understanding. Follow along or Jah's chariot will leave you at the station.

    "For example, the fossil record is shown to match the general sequence of the appearance of living forms described in the book of Genesis. Furthermore, a creative day as understood by the ancients can mean an epoch of extended duration, in much the same way as the terms “period” and “era” are used by science in describing earth history. Thus, the Bible is not at odds with scientific findings. It indicates that the creative days lasted aeons. It does not support the conclusion of creationists who believe that those days were each 24 hours in length."

  • prologos
    wannabefree: that still leaves the discrepancy between the length of the epochs, the aeons, the 720 000 000 year periods and the biblically derived "rest day" of 7000 + years. to the writers and readers 7 days in a weak are understood to be of the same length, although the weekend is always shorter than the workdays. May be "god" should have granted himself a 2 day weekend too.
  • wannabefree
    prologos you lost me LOL ... I'v been doing a good job of largely avoiding JW topics for nearly a year ... it makes my head hurt. I actually feel good to find out that there is a new understanding that I don't know about!

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