What Do The Americans, Canadians And Australians Think Of The British?

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  • Stephanus
    What Do The Americans, Canadians And Australians Think Of The British?

    We don't even bother!

    Although Refiners' is right: when I think of British comedy I think of "pooh, bum, wee" jokes.

  • expatbrit

    They think we're the master race. Come on! You know it's The Truth!

    Expatbrit (a.k.a. El Inflammatorum)

  • ballistic

    Even my fellow Brits can't understand my quirky, deep humour. Please do not judge the British race by my sense of humour for God's sake.

  • ozziepost


    1. TV drama

    2. green fields

    3. politeness and quiet reservedness

    4. football (that's soccer to evryone else)

    5. all the ex-Dubs


    1. the class system (well I would, wouldn't I?)

    2. 'behind the times' business world (they still rely on snail mail and letters!!!!!!)

    3. shoddy goods (Asia has it all over them. sorry guys!)

    4. boring diet

    OK, now you can chuck the keyboards at me!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • blacksheep

    I don't particularly like they way they think they are the elite, they view all Americans as war mongerers. They perpetuate a class system and really don't appreciate people trying achieve higher than the status they were born into. I don't think they are open to change; like they drive on the left side (unlike all other Europeans), and they refuse to do otherwise; they refuse to adapt the Euro currency, becuase of course, they are "different." They are in the midst of other Euro cultures but stubbornly refuse to find similarities between themselves and other continentals. Ever try renting a place in England??? They have every teaspoon, every mark on the wall, every crumb on the floor, every stain in the toilet recorded. For what?? Pretty darned sad if you asked me. I think they are antiquated, outdated, and in risk of extinction.

    That said, my roots are in England. I love it, and will travel back there whenever I find the chance. Like with anywhere (including the US) you take the good and the bad. I loved how I didn't have to prove myself when I was there. People just accepted you; and if they didn't, who gave a rat's hiney. You're in a certain position, and you're in. You go to pubs, talk, laugh, and go home. In the US, on the other hand, you seem to have to constantly prove yourself. You can go from rags to riches and back again in just a few years. It takes its toll eventually...


    Simon: I think you're going to need another cup of tea this a.m., eh?

    (hands Simon the lock)

  • Dansk


    can you get your head around the The British Isles, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and just plain ole England?

    Even I can't get my head round this!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Well since you asked . . .

    I happen to adore the UK. If I had the means, and the wherewithal, I would find some nice little cottage and retire there. Perhaps a place in Scotland for summer and a nice little bungalow with a solarium for winter.


    the weather (yes I am weird)
    The Beatles
    Hampton Court
    Scotland (loved it!)
    Holyrood House
    the Tower
    Charing Cross
    beer (better than American beer that's for sure)
    the Underground ("Mind the Gap")
    ceremony (nobody does weddings better than the Brits)


    M25 and A66 (what's up with that?)
    Lloyds of London skyscraper (keep the dirty bits inside the trousers thank you)
    it's so far away ()

  • Sirona
    2. 'behind the times' business world (they still rely on snail mail and letters!!!!!!)

    To use an English term: Poppycock! We are technologically more advanced than the rest of Europe. We only use snail mail when really necessary. Blah!

    4. boring diet

    Oh YEAH? We eat very well thanks. We love to eat "foreign" foods (curry is the new favorite meal of our nation). I personally love mexican, chinese, etc. and when I eat english its good food!

    (stomps away in disgust!)


  • Englishman
    Some thing you do are quirky (like the whole "royalty" thing, I can't for the life of me understand!) and vice versa

    The Royalty thing puzzles lot's of people, many of them Brits, incidently.

    A recent survey showed that around two thirds of Brits were in favour of retaining the monarchy. Alhough it's powers are very diluted compared to what they used to be (Her Maj can't have your head chopped off on a whim now), it's become the focus of our own flag waving Nationalism, and as such does almost as much as a war in keeping the populace loyal to the UK.


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