Latest Statistics Are Confusing & Lack Context

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  • konceptual99

    I stand corrected. I was wrong. I predicted the info would remain as they need the numbers to keep the motivation going. What they have done is packaged the info to remove the bits that are embarrassing. Global figures only for the stuff that when broken down in countries shows decline. Country figures that are limited and presented in a way that prevents easy access and comparison.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The whole thing smells deception and a lack of willingness to face the facts that they are in some serious doo doo.

    The GB is trying desperately to hide from their members just how bad the situation really is for fear that many more will start doing independent internet searches to find out what's happening really happening. I'm sure all this bull shit reporting of figures is going to back fire big time on these devious ass holes.

  • GTSfromSY

    The thing the sucks the most is that even if the numbers take a hard plummet I'm sure they will find some kind of stupid, cock-a-mammy explanation that satisfies ultra in dubs.

    Overlapping numbers perhaps! Just add the last three years together and claim it is only technically one year, hence no deficit or loss. If fact an INCREASE even!

    Dammit, I probably gave those bastards an idea or two.

  • GTSfromSY

    I suspect that at some point they may change the pioneer hours to something crazy low and that may help add some fluff to the pillow. Especially when you only have to just standing there like a sack of friggin' potatoes near a dolly with shelves. Get a good pair of sun glasses and prop yourself up and you can get some serious shut eye AND get some time.

  • Drearyweather
    The number of congregations can increase because of double counting in the same way the WT can double-count publishers.Congregation B and C are merged creating another congregation + 1.
    4 congregations + 1 new congregation = 5 congregations.

    No. The number of congregations are counted on the basis of the numbers of congregations who submitted their Yearly 2016 Congregation Analysis Report.

    So in your example there were not 5, but only 3 congregations counted for the stats as in September 2017, as only 3 congregations submitted their Cong Analysis Report

  • smiddy3

    I thought that in the last couple of years Branches were being closed or merged with other Branches so how is it that the number has gone up ( by one) and not decreased by a few ?

    What was the number say 5-10 years ago compared to today ?

    Also as regards reporting hours of FS it was common practice for Elders and in my day book Study Conductors who were responsible for their group to encourage ( in other words inflate) your FS hours with comments like you must have talked to someone about the "truth" informally or in everyday conversation .

    And the reason was they did not want to be seen as slack in looking after or encouraging those under their care as it would be a bad reflection on them and they could lose their privilege`s .

  • alanv

    What would be good, is for someone in USA to phone the branch and ask about the report for the individual countries. Would probably need a bit of deception to get it, but would be worth it to see what they say.

  • keinlezard


    I had not read the main important thing with these stats

    See details of the global preaching work of Jehovah’s Witnesses from September 2016 to August 2017.

    I think that these figures doesn't reflect exactly what is happening to the WT ... And I suspect that congregations that was close , continue to exists in these figures ... but in 2019 no need to tell that ... since there will be no year book !

    Best regards

  • alanv

    I think the 'fast facts section on jwdot org,are still showing 2016 highlights. It may well be they just havent got round to updating those figures to include the 2017 service year yet. We will see

  • eyeuse2badub

    If the wt organization can convince the 'rank and file' jw's (and they did) that the WHOLE book of revelation is symbolic, EXCEPT for the number 144,000 then surely they can convince jw's of the "tremendous" growth that is currently happening worldwide! They are getting better at being 'spin doctors'.

    just saying!

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