Why the need for 144000 imperfect humans to Rule with Christ Jesus for 1000 years ? Is he incapable of ruling by himself ?

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  • Fisherman

    Still doesn't explain why thousands of dozens, 144k people to be exact. Also, why does God need anybody at all to sympathize with humanity more than He does? No one understands humanity more than Him. Who better than God knows what it is like to be human.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Why the need for 144000 imperfect humans to Rule with Christ Jesus for 1000 years ? - it's to stop him feeling lonely.

    Imagine ruling by yourself for 1000 years.

    You could end up like this rittle guy:


  • Crazyguy

    Drearyweather, let me be clear the scriptures in the original Greek do not say they will be kings. Yep not kings, the King James Bible and the JW Bible has it wrong. Not only the scriptures in Revelations but all other scriptures in the New Testament that make it seem like they are kings.

    And as for reigning as priests with Jesus, the kingdom of god according to Revelations comes down to earth so the throne he sits on could be on earth. But this again is just arguing semantics.

  • smiddy

    Wouldnt you think the Angels who remained loyal to GOD and not followed Satan in his rebellion would be a little pissed off that instead of choosing them to be ( Kings) priests with the enthroned Christ Jesus he chose 144000 imperfect humans who have only lived for the most part less than 100 years whereas they would have lived for God knows how long and experienced so much observing humans since creation ?

  • Drearyweather

    anointed1, you said,

    Yet the implied truth is that God and Jesus need help from "experienced humans" which actually dishonor them.

    I’m not sure how the comparisons between angels and humans imply Christ’s incapability. Do the Bible or JW publications quote or mention that the reason for the selection of 144,000 is due to Jesus’ or Jehovah’s incapability as rulers? I would be interested to know specific statements or quotes regarding this.

    Just to know this from another perspective: Two days ago, I had decided to paint my backyard fence and the Outer wall of my house. I am experiences and competent in this job and in fact I have done it alone many times before. My close cousin, who is also experienced in this work, had come over to our place to visit us and I invited him to join me in the task. Does the fact that I invited my cousin imply that I am incapable and thus needed his help? How does this dishonor me?

    I feel that inviting or calling someone over to join me in the work is different from asking someone to help me because I am unable to do it.

    But yes, you can chose to believe otherwise.

  • Drearyweather


    In the Original Greek as you said, the scriptures in the NT mention the role of these priests as "Kingdom of priests", or "priests reigning on the earth", "made us to be a kingdom and priests", "royal priesthood", etc.

    Barring Melchizedek of old, in the Israelite kingdom, the roles of Kings and Priests were separated. No King was allowed to perform priestly duties, neither did the priests have any part in reigning or ruling.

    Jesus Christ is rightly mentioned as priest like Melzdk, as he would be performing a dual role of future king and a high-priest. In the similar way, those associated with Jesus in heaven are described to be as priests as well as reigning with Jesus. Hence like Jesus, they too would have a dual role of reigning as subordinate rulers (or kings) and performing priestly duties (Royal priesthood or Kingly priesthood).

  • Drearyweather


    The only reason I can think of is that all everything created by God has its own purpose. Angels have been used by God for various purposes, executioners (for Assyrians), transmitting messages (Gabriel), rescuing individuals (Daniel’s three friends, Peter, Lot), encouraging (Jesus in the garden), and performing ministering work (Heb. 1:14), etc. The last time they did something against God ended badly (during Noah’s flood)

    In the Bible, angels have never been used in rulership positions for earthly matters. Even in the greater arrangement of things, they have not been purposed to be used as rulers or priests. In fact, God chose to reveal secrets to men on this earth, not to angels (1 Peter 1:12).

    And observing will always be observing. Angels will have a wealth of insight and information into human behavior through their years of observing. But the most important aspect that they lack is mental and physical involvement and exposure to varying human patterns. Centuries of observing from heaven will never give them the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, religious, social, subjective and tacit experience that can be gained by just 1 year of physical involvement with humans. Jesus experienced all of this as a human.

    And so I feel humans will always be apt for the job.

    But yep, will feel sorry for the pissed off angels.

  • anointed1

    I agree with smiddy--angels suffered more than humans because of Satan. One angel came even to minister Jesus during his last ordeal whereas no disciples, no recipients of his countless miracles, no one from the group whom he resurrected came in support of him when he needed it the most.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I don't think its a case of the 144,000 being actually needed by God and Jesus to help govern. It's a case that the 144,000 are being rewarded with such lofty positions for their faithfulness. It's kinda like how a king might decide to honor someone by making them king for a day.

  • Perry
    What are your thoughts about this question ?

    There will be far more co-rulers that 144K. This refers to ONLY Israelites, the remnant God reserves for himself who do not support the anti-christ during the great tribulation.

    In the Thousand-Year Reign, the Earth's population will be as numerous as the Sands of the Sea. (Billions and Billions) These people are the survivors and the offspring of the survivors of all of the anti-christs wars at the end of the great tribulation. They are not immortal (church-age saints) but have life-spans similar to those who lived before the flood. They are commonly referred to as tribulation saints.

    Millions of church-age saints (believers during the times of the gentiles) will have already been raptured, their bodies resurrected and united with their souls. They will have bodies exactly like the one that Jesus had after his resurrection..... able to thrive in heaven and on earth, doubtless multi-dimensional and very powerful. (Higher than the angels)

    If you figure the USA has about 22 million people in the government, it is not hard to image many millions of people working in collaboration with Jesus as the King of the Earth since there will only be ONE government during this time.

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