JW Recovery just closed

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  • Drwho


    I was at the Recovery forum as well , although I was never a JW I was dating a JW and got some really nice advice , still need advice lol because things have happend

    I was Drwho in that forum and am Drwho here too : ))

  • Faith after Deception
    Faith after Deception

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to invite anyone who is missing JW Recovery to have a look at "Faith after Deception" (.wordpress.com).

    The site is quite self-explanatory; we aim to reach out to others who are suffering after leaving a high control group or sect and offer online friendship, without receiving donations or charging anything to anyone of course. We are just interested in encouraging people who are in the same situation as us.

  • Faith after Deception
    Faith after Deception

    I'm not sure if we're allowed to post links here, but if so, here it is:


  • LittleJudas

    Hi this is NewBorn. I am happy that JWR is no more. I joined in 2010 and they were a big help for at least 3 years, then I was not to sure. Moxie still continues to this day to be an inspiration and a life changing person. I have myself published and become a writer. I have also joined an organisation so I can help ex members with my art. They sort of encouraged me to move to english Canada. I am in Toronto.

  • supernerdboy
    I miss JWR a lot too. I would go there at least once a week to check the newest post.
  • Worldling9

    Many of us from JWR are now at ex-jws.boards.net.

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