JW Recovery just closed

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  • freddo

    Welcome to this site Shimmerjet.

  • slimboyfat

    It seems particularly obnoxious to set up a site focused of JW "recovery" only to pull the plug without notice when they lost interest in the subject. If that's the sort of people they are it's a shame they didn't think twice before setting up the discussion forum in the first place.

  • blondie

    SBF I guess you are entitled to your opinion but it seems you have not visited that site much if at all. I enjoyed the atmosphere there and the source of WTS doings. After several years of being an admin can be tiring and people can burn out. JWR is not and never was the only place to find support and there will be other sources in the future.

  • slimboyfat

    The issue is not closing the forum, which is reasonable, the issue is the lack of warning, which is not reasonable.

    The only explanation given so far is "we contemplated on a lot of fallout" which sounds like "we couldn't be bothered listening to members who would want the forum to continue". Which is a pretty poor reason for dumping members giving them no chance to adjust, say goodbye, copy information or keep contacts. Pretty selfish.

  • CoolAutumnCoffee

    Yeah, I was pretty upset about it closing to. I completely respect the owners rights to shut it down, I just also wish there could have been some warning. I'm in a somewhat more sturdy place in my recovery right now, but there were many there who were still fragile and I worry about them feeling abandoned with it being shut down like it was. I just wish there could have been some warning. I completely understand being worried about backlash, but you are still getting backlash this way too. At least if there had been some warning, people could have said their goodbyes and exchanged info if they wanted to stay in touch with each other.

    Anyways, what's done is done. I wish the owners nothing but respect and happy lives :) And I do appreciate the forum even being there in the first place. It was extremely instrumental in my recovery and I'll miss it dearly.

  • mayushii

    Hi, this is rosieangel from JWR! First post here (I was under the mistaken impression that they weren't accepting new members here when I joined JWR in 2014, so if the issue wasn't between my head and the keyboard, thank you for changing that)

    DesignerStubble, THANK YOU and the rest of your team for moderating JWR for eight years. I know I told you this once before when you were starting to burn out a few months ago, but I moderated an online game for two years and it is such a hard and thankless job. So I truly appreciate the time and effort you and the others put into keeping the site (in my perception as a regular member) troll and drama free.

    I noticed that the two "JWR retirees" were on staff, which was concerning, so even though I'm saddened by the sudden closure and worried about some of my forum friends, I'm not as shocked as some others might be. I know this is asking a lot, but could the forum be turned over to other staff? I'm unfortunately not in a position to mod with a move in progress and my first baby on the way, but I'm sure others are and I'd be willing to throw my money at the site to keep it open. Totally understand if you aren't up for training a new staff and need to make a clean break, though!

    Again, thank you, DS. JWR was my safe place on the internet for two years at a very vulnerable time in my life.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    As one of the JWR admins/mods - Given the responses, I have proposed to the site owner to bring it back up a few days to allow persons to copy their posts and other relevant data and exchange email addresses.

    I trust he will be open to this. Be back with more info when I have it.

  • MarkofCane

    Hi and welcome to this site.

    Sorry about JWR abruptly closure, I can only imagine the time and resources required to run and maintain a site like this. The admin are people too who have been through a hole lot themselves, they also must navigate through this mess the best they can just because they have the technical capability to start up a recovery site does not mean they are recovered themselves. We need to remember their right to find peace and happiness and if distancing themselves from religion and all it entails, then that is their journey. Good luck to them

    Hopefully many of you will stay a while and contribute on this forum, new one are always welcomes and new perspectives and ideas is what recovery is all about. So a big welcome to everyone.

  • Lanzing

    Designer Stubble: I completely appreciate your position and agree totally. At some point in recovery a person has to say, "Enough is enough, time to move on. How much longer do I need to rehash these issues?." At some point (This point is different for everyone) it goes from being recovery to being a constant reminder of a painful period and a crutch.

    To be completely honest, I have been out more or less for over two decades now. I did it on my own with no support group. I left those things behind me long ago. So, I am not quite sure why I have recently found a desire to visit these sites. More than likely I will fade from these to, and again move on with my life. Rehashing the past continuously is not healthy.

    Thank everyone for their efforts at JWR.

  • Worldling9

    Helen! You're here! Autumn Coffee, RosieAngel...Heyyy! Good to see all of you...



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