JW Recovery just closed

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  • Lanzing

    I was surfing JW Recovery .com, All of the sudden a screen came up that says

    Jehovah's Witness Recovery
    After much consideration, we have decided to move on to other things, and bring this site to a close. The staff of JWR would like to sincerely thank all of you for your friendship, wisdom, and support over the years.

    For other resources, please visit JWfacts, JWsurvey, jehovahs-witness.com, or Reddit/r/exjw. Or, contact a local therapist to set up an appointment to receive in-depth assistance.
  • TimeBandit

    I didn't see your thread when I started mine...I'll miss JWR, that's who helped me a lot during my exit....

  • Taurus58

    Hi - I'm HelenT. How bizarre. (Sudden closing of JWR that is, although Taurus58 is too I suppose). Nice to see you Time Bandit and Twinkle:)

  • Taurus58

    And you too Mickey Mouse - mia culpa, xx

  • slimboyfat

    What was it? Was that the one with judicial committee videos?

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Let me state that JWR was kept in the air for eight years by a small group of admins. It was a tough decision, as we see the support JWR has offered to many, but we all really reached the breaking point were we want to leave everything JW related behind us and move on with our lives. We had some discussion among the admin group and felt it was time to bow out.

    The perceived sudden closure is thus not so sudden, but had been brewing for quite a while.

    I understand the sudden cut-off may not be elegant, but we contemplated on a lot of fall-out, if we had made an announcement well ahead of time. This was the group decision of all admins and moderators.

    I will stay on here for another week to answer any immediate questions and am then bowing out here too. Out for eight years, two Children (teen and preteen), a demanding job - time to move on for me.

  • slimboyfat

    It was a forum and you cut off without warning?

    Sounds dumb and pretty needless. Could have passed on to others gradually or at least announced it.

  • stuckinarut2

    The society will probably spin it as a sign that "apostates cant succeed"...or some such stuff...

  • Shimmerjet

    I am in shock, bang, the rug pulled out from under us.

    shame we all didn't get a chance to say our goodbyes,

    so many beautiful people there,

    hope you are all ok,

  • notsurewheretogo

    JWR had less people on it and far fewer nutjobs...I really liked it...people like Fuque and DesignerStubble were decent posters...

    Don Cameron, who wrote Captives to a Concept also used to post on there.

    I'll miss JWR...but here has calmed down a lot over the last year with nutjobs...

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