At This Point In Time How Would You Feel If You Were Disfellowshipped?

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  • JWdaughter

    Deja vu all over again.

    My mom is alive and we strugle enough. If I joined and got kicked out again, it would destroy her this time. I"m not willing to go through that crap ever again. For any reason.Because of mom. Besides, my religious history is storied enough. I don't need any rewrites.

  • BluesBrother

    If they d/f'd me? It would be inconvenient. It would impact on the family and the extended family would not visit or be around me so my wife would lose out.....

    As for me , I could not care a jot . The freedom would be nice. Mind you, I would give them a run for their money with extended appeals....just for the hell of it.

  • LongHairGal


    I only have about one friend left in the religion..and even that is tenuous since I didn't attend the memorial.

    So, if I got DFd that person would be gone...and I'm FREE. I would feel sad for a short time but that's about it. I made other friends and reconnected with people over the long years of my "fade". Thankfully, I have no family there and no business connections.

    Right now the Witness religion is a dimmer memory that makes me a little angry. I don't know how to describe them but I see them like the little village of Brigadoon that thinks it has "power". They are a legend in their own mind and I'm glad I walked away from it all.

  • Awakenednow

    They'd have to catch me But, even so, they hold no authority over me so it wouldn't change my situation at all. Never going back so whoever wants to spend time with me will. Its funny how when I run into old friends they assume my life should be awful, and seem so confused when they see how happy I am married to my worldly guy, how lovely my kids are so well-adjusted and happy looking forward to college and playing sports, going to prom, etc. that I have a fantastic life! Whats funny is that the ones you do run into and speak with think they are being used by the spirit to move you to return... smh.

    i enjoyed all your comments y'all ! It helps to hear similar stories and even laugh about it...Blondie (red dot, lol)

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew


  • Giordano

    I've out lived JW friends and family......... however we do live in a small city of 7000 (with two small KHs). So if they suddenly DF me I would do the following: Sue the local Elders who were involved as well as any others like the CO. My objective would be to steal their time and cause them to use their own funds to defend their actions. Since my wife and I dissociated long before they made DS a shunning offense (To get Ray Franz) and there are favorable court decisions I think we could have some fun.

    I would also use our 'letters to the editor' of our local weekly Newspaper and explain the coercive nature of shunning and also discuss in follow up letter's the Blood Ban, former ban on transplants and of course the pedophile problem and two witness rule.

    As mentioned when you live in a small city you do get to know a lot of the residents and word, good or bad, travels fast.

  • kpop

    Great thread! Right now I'm not in the position that I want to be in to be DF and happy with that outcome. I have a lot of work to do. My parents have a long time before they die as my father is almost 70 and my mother is in her 50's and Korean parents never die! Of course I don't want them to die but I know that if I was to be disfellowshipped right now, they would shun me anyways. Ok maybe not my mother but my father would. Right now, I play the game but I live my life.

  • minimus

    I'm gonna start a thread about the "red dot". Lol

  • Phizzy

    If they achieved it, I would not give a shit anymore. In the first place I worked hard for it not to happen, on two occasions they thought they had me and could prove I was an Apostate. I wriggled out of it both times.

    Now, it would be a pain in the arse, because my JW family and other Jw's would shun me, so I do not seek it.

    They would find it an incredibly wearing and long drawn out process if they went down the road of trying to DF me.There is so much excellent advice on this Site and others, I would use every trick in the book.

    Finally when they had given up, I may well request a meeting with several Elders, and when there, light up a HUGE CIGAR ! and tell them to DF me for that !

  • blondie


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