Happy Alcoholic Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • WingCommander

    Back in the 80's in the Congregation I grew up in, there was a nice older fellow named "Jimmy." Jimmy was married, had grown children, etc. Sweet guy. Except after he hit the bottle, he then became mean he hit his wife! And THAT is the reason he was DF'd repeatedly, abusing his wife. He always felt horrible about it afterwards, and his wife always took him back. I mean, he was black-out drunk and mean, and couldn't remember shit!

    What was the Elduh's answer to all this? Therapy with a professional? AA Meetings? NOPE! Disfellowship him repeatedly and make him depressed and cause him to drink more!

    I met up with Jimmy several years ago as he worked as a greeter for BJ's Wholesale Club. He looked the same, and he confessed he had finally been sober for many, many years! (I think 10+ at that time) He was still a JW though (Sadly) and his wife passed away a few years later. I believe ALL of his children are LONG since out of the JW cult. He was a kind soul to me, and I'm truly glad he finally got the help he needed to overcome his addiction. Now, if he could only escape this fuggin' cult!

  • JoenB75

    My mother loved telling the story of a once powerful JW leader she met old, weak, drunk and smelly in the mall with a lot of booz in his basket. He had df ed many people. She was especially angry when they lured people of low intelligence that could barely read or speak coherently into baptism and then df ed them for minor issues . Remember we are to be strong in the Spirit, he apparently told her.

  • SAHS

    “sir82”: "Alcoholism" is not mentioned in the Bible, so no problem, just so long as the alcoholic is not evidently impaired.

    Alcoholic not eventually impaired. Isn’t that really A + B will inevitably equal C? I know that’s certainly been in my own case (an alcoholic).

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I was one of the three Men In Suits that sat on a JC for over-drinking. The nice, 20-something MS made the mistake of chugging beer at a Major League baseball game in the presence of a JW-teetotaler. He consumed two super-duper (40 oz?) beers within a couple of innings. He was "repentant" so only had private reproof, MS badge removed, and he continued on in the cult. But, he learned a valuable lesson: Don't drink in a way that can be quantified by JW narcs!

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