Did You Prove "Faithful" and Not Take a Transfusion or Something Forbidden?

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  • nowisee

    minimus, that told me something about what love really is.

  • dmouse

    I also did the shunning of family members and friends, but that was not the worst.

    My son needed a major operation when he was 18 months old. He could easily have died without a blood transfusion but I signed papers forbiding it. Fortunately, due to the extreme skill of the doctors, he survived.

    I was prepared to sacrifice my only son, Abraham style. I passed ultimate test of faith.

    Six months later I was out.


    Sunspot (Annie), reading your testimonial, was sad.

    I think, with time, things will change.

    Perhaps, like your username, there is something to be said. Sunspots have a peak cycle every 11 years.

    Hopefully, the peak in your sunspot cycle will bring back to you: those that you have lost as a result of your previous JW life.

    I did do my best to be the 'best Jehovah's Witness' there was. I followed the rules to a "T".

    Didn't get me anywheres, but plenty of personal misery.

    Glad to be free now.

  • Sunspot

    "Hopefully, the peak in your sunspot cycle will bring back to you: those that you have lost as a result of your previous JW life."

    Thanks, Rayzorblade!

    I appreciated your thoughts. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with the hatred against me, simply because of my JW involvement. It just feels SO unfair. And it DOES get me down a lot.

    And thank YOU, Minimus, so much, for your kind thoughts as well....



  • nightwarrior

    Well I was a good JW, tried to do things correctly, and to be pleasing in the sight of Jehovah!!

    As long as the hours went in every month (and I made sure of that), and the family were all at the meetings on a regular basis and studied, and participating - we thought that would make Jehovah happy, and the elders.

    But, it was all to no avail - JWs still treat you like something you just trod in - Mr NW had major surgery - no blood - the first in the western hemisphere!! so what?!

    Slowly but surely the children slipped away, (the two eldest) and still we were trying to keep up the standards - then NW did not slip away he turned away - no mistaking - so the two younger ones followed - and then me - I still tried to be the good little JW - but I was so unhappy - no one cared and then I turned my back on the lot of them - and now we are all happy - roll on the next birthday, or whatever - all I know Jehovah is a loving creator, and I am sure that he did not want 'His' 'people' to be so damned unhappy, and be like robots - where is the freedom of choice?

    That is another of my ten pence worth of moaning LOL

    Mrs NW

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