NBC News article: Jehovah's Witnesses 'use the Bible to victim-shame,' sex abuse survivor says

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Jehovah's Witnesses 'use the Bible to victim-shame,' sex abuse survivor says

    On the heels of a $35 million jury award to a woman who alleged the congregation mishandled her childhood abuse, other survivors say there's a pattern of cover-ups.

    by Elizabeth Chuck / Oct.07.2018

  • Phoebe

    It just never ends, does it? More and more cases appearing.

    So proud of these women for going public and making a stand against this awful organization.

  • steve2

    Recalls the following Scripture: "By this all will know your are my disciples by your repeated mishandling of allegations of child sexual abuse and failure to protect victims of such abuse."

  • Crazyguy

    Sad about the woman interviewed. She tells her folks she was molested and they shun her for she left the cult and is spiritually weak. They really do only care about living a life of a complete fairy tale, the fantasy of being in gods organization. A clean an mostly perfect org and if you are a person that doesn’t fit or is victim then your out of their life because you screw up thier fantasy.

  • Finkelstein

    Good more open information toward publicly exposing this crazy dangerous cult.

    This organization will go to great lengths to protect its image from within itself and outside of the it as well.

    And certain egregious people (JWS) exploited that in foreknowing acceptance.

  • LV101

    I wish law firms (or Zalkin) would have TV commercials with easy/contact/toll numbers/whatever ongoing for victims. We heard attorneys were doing this in some state(s) but it needs to be throughout planet earth.

    Perpetrators have obviously known forever the JW religion is a place to molest children. I hope the victims are compensated above and beyond (impossible) and the loser cult dies.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Thus the WT study article today about how you shouldn't believe reports in the media. While these reports may be ignored by most JWs some take note and certainly the general public does making it that much more difficult for them to recruit.

  • Finkelstein

    These law suits aren't going to hurt the WTS. financially they have hundreds of millions stashed all over the world but these regrettable circumstances will reveal the causative harm this religious cult has been involved in .

    Why is it impractical and irresponsible to emulate the socializing laws of human behavior created by the an civilization that occurred 3000 years ago such as the ancient Hebrews ?

    What potential harm could occur from doing such a thing ?

  • zeb

    Anderson info.

    Let us have updates on this trial as they occur please.

  • carla

    Thanks for posting this!

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