NBC News article: Jehovah's Witnesses 'use the Bible to victim-shame,' sex abuse survivor says

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  • LOLS

    My heart Breaks for these poor children :(

    Thanks for sharing .

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "Why is it impractical and irresponsible to emulate the socializing laws of human behavior created by the an civilization that occurred 3000 years ago..."

    Not to mention the elephant in the room...

    ...that in said civilization, people were essentially property.

    Obviously the "socializing laws" were significantly influenced by that.

  • Finkelstein

    ..that in said civilization, people were essentially property.

    Yes that's true the ancient Hebrew laws were more in the favor of men and their perceived properties such as wives, children and slaves.

    The exploitation of this old archaic law concerning two witnesses has been used extensively by people who were taught this law of social behavior by the WTS. and not just about the sexual abuse of children I assure you.

    I was a JWS for 30 years and was brought up in this religious organization.

  • stuckinarut2


    The more media exposure the cult gets, the better!

    Of course, JWs will not read or believe such reports, as they are "satanic lies", but at least more people from the community will be warned against their smooth speech when they come a-knocking!

    Yes, as steve2 said "by their fruits you will recognize them!"

  • skin

    In response to questions from NBC News about what happened to Smith, Fairfield Kingdom Hall did not return a request for comment

    And because they did not return a reply for comment, the media fill in the gaps as best has they can with the information available, and if the media report something incorrect, well what do you expect. They are controlled by Satan, so of course they are going to make up negative lies about Jehovah's people. Thus making this whole news item an unbelievable Satanic lie to the average JW.

  • bennyk
    And again: There is no scriptural requirement that there be two (or more) witnesses in order to REPORT the crime to the superior authorities.
  • Finkelstein

    The JWS heads have been propagating the agenda of keeping the image of their organization upmost clean and righteous from the public's view, that their organization is unique and distinct from other Christian based faiths

    That's why the direction to mustn't bring reproach on Jehovah's organization comes from and that's why possible victims of sexual abuse were intentionally hushed up for many years.

    They even went to point out the Catholic problems as to say see we dont do that which those false religious organizations do.

    ...........Well ?

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