What is the financial situation for a couple who live and work at Walkill?

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  • Diogenesister
  • Diogenesister

    Unless your relatives have highly sort after skills it is extremely unlikely they have been taken on as full-time Bethelites in other words signed the ‘vow of poverty’ and “Special order of full time serpents” with the small monthly stipend ( they sign this as a crafty get-out for Watchtower not to have to make the social security contributions all other employers have to).

    Watchtower recently kicked out thousands of Bethelites all over the world and are too cash strapped to take on more. They do, however, take on temporary Bethelites who do full time work without even the tiny monthly stipend they used to get. These people have to provide their own accommodations and finance themselves entirely for the whole time. Additionally Watchtower does not help with medical expenses, which at least full time Bethelites used to be provided with ( unless of course the actually became ill in which case they were kicked out ).

    Either way unless they have very wealthy relatives or plenty of their own investments and/or property they’re not too stupid to sell and donate to Watchtower they’ll most likely end up poor, worn-out and disillusioned.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, I’m sure a few make out like bandits when they learn how to work the WT system!

    But, as for those released to their home congregations as ‘special pioneers’ who get a stipend - these people are still a drain on the congregation because I’m sure someone goes around with an envelope to corner people to give money for them!

    Back when I was active in the religion, if somebody fell on hard times they would go around with an envelope. But, that was different because it was temporary until somebody got back on their feet.

    This, however, is entirely different because it is permanently supporting these people. I’m glad I’m not there because I would NEVER give them any money! Let them get off the pioneer list and get a job from a brother with a business!

  • Biahi

    LHG, you speak often of envelope passing, I don’t remember this going on in my Midwest USA Congregation. I did have a cousin who was a full time pioneer and she told me she would leave her car door ( a beater) unlocked while at the meeting. After the meeting, cash of various denominations would be on her car seat. This was surprising to me.

  • jonahstourguide

    Here in Australia the 'envelope passing' does happen.

    The prime beneficiaries are the co's. Blatant disregard for the tax laws regarding 'gifts'.

    It's time the tax office here took a good look at the so-called charity status of jws.

    Like sending 18 million dollars last year to the parent company in usa ?!!?

    ( posted in another area recently on this site)


  • LongHairGal


    You may not have seen or heard of envelope passing but I did....It is done quietly and privately and certainly not everybody is approached.

    As for the people who left money in this full time pioneer’s car that you mention: it is possible that it was put there anonymously after having been collected privately from certain people approached. It is also possible that the brothers gave out of their own pockets because they like and appreciate this individual since she is a full time pioneer!

  • Biahi

    I left pretty young...maybe that’s why I wasn’t approached.

  • dozy

    Basically , other than free food & accommodation for some, the Society treats its workers like crap ( unless they are GB level ). I'm no fan of the Mormon church , but the way they treat their workers is far better.


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