What is the financial situation for a couple who live and work at Walkill?

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  • rickroll

    I have a married cousin who has moved to work at the Walkill farm. What is the financial situation of someone like this? I would assume they do not build social security or medicare. I don't think they can get much ahead on finances. If they have to leave for any reason does the cult help these people?

  • Crazyguy2

    They will be given a monthly stipend unless they volunteered for temporary work then they may get nothing at all. Bottom line is they work for next to nothing and will leave poorer then when they came.

  • sir82

    Is he a full-time Bethelite?

    If so, he would have signed an agreement to join the "special order of full time servants" (don't recall the exact name). It's basically a "vow of poverty", such as monks & nuns sign.

    They will get a small stipend (a few hundred dollars per month at most), but also have all their food, clothing, shelter, and medical expenses covered.

    Neither Bethel nor he will contribute to Social Security nor Medicare while he is in the "special order".

    The only way he can "get ahead on finances" is if he has wealthy & sympathetic friends or relatives who give him substantial "gifts". Some Bethelites make out like bandits, but most are wholly dependent on Bethel for survival.

    If they leave or are kicked out, in general, they are on their own and will have to rebuild their lives.

    Some long-term (20+ years of service) Bethelites who are "reassigned" (kicked out) might get reassigned as "special pioneers", who get a slightly larger stipend & still have their medical expenses covered, but are on their own for food & shelter.

  • sir82

    As Crazyguy wrote, it could be that he has just accepted a temporary assignment of a few weeks or months. If so, then his only compensation is room & board for the time he is there.

  • tiki

    How they even get away with it!!! Equal opportunity employer??? Hahah!!poor deluded souls who waste time that way...

  • Finkelstein

    Long time volunteers at the branches which are still functioning get little financial support while they are there and when they leave.

    The GB members and their wives get the most privileged treatment, they stay in their positions until they die or physically incapable.

    They get cars to use , travel around the world and treated like adorned celebrities, full medical and dental coverage.

    No question the most secure and lofty position in the organization.

  • sir82

    The GB members and their wives get the most privileged treatment

    The "GB Helpers" get the same deal, pretty much. Basically anyone who shows up on JW Broadcasting in a regular role is a "Bethel rock star".

  • recluse

    my relatives that are in bethel full time service, sold most of their belongings and invested the money. between the free living, relatives paying for vacations and sending them money, and having no debt and their investment growing they are better off financially than most americans that are saddled with debt. if you are smart, you can make it work in your favor

  • HiddlesWife

    NO PENSION and NO UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS for Bethelites from any branch. Only the H8teful Eight gets the goods from the R&F who donate and all of the real estate deals they have made.

  • Finkelstein

    Most people who volunteer at HQ and elsewhere upon returning to their regular lives have to go find work to support themselves or rely on relatives for awhile.

    Such a waste of time spent on supporting human ignorance and corruption presented by the very corrupt and unquestionable ignorant men running the Watchtower/JWorg.

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