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  • Simon

    It's quite rare to find a Man U fan actually from Manchester

    I guess this proves that money talks and big business rules.

  • Dansk
    It's quite rare to find a Man U fan actually from Manchester

    Absolute tosh - and a frequently worn-out comment! I've been supporting United as long as I can remember, lived opposite the ground and the lads and lasses I grew up with still support the Reds now. There's no doubting United's appeal to those living further afield - and can you blame them! The overwhelming bulk of regular United supporters were brought up and still live in and around the Manchester area.

    Oh yes, success is sweet to savour!

    Dansk - a true Red Devil

  • ozziepost

    The thrill of watching ManU is shared worldwide, even here downunder where boys walk the streets proudly wearing their team shirts.

    They certainly are deserving of the title "Champions".

    A cautionery note however........

    Looking through that list of past glories, it's clear that ManU have taken a stranglehold on English honours. I wonder if this is good for the game? I also wonder what can be done to balance things out a bit? After all, a true competition is much more entertainment, as well as affording winners of a certain exhilaration.

    Let's hope the 'new boys' like Pompey can change things a bit, eh? Wot about it, Eman?

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Hamas

    DANSK !!!!!!! Man United were just jammy !!!!

    You can trust those wimpy french gits at Arsenal to let you down, Iv'e always said they wouldn't win the league because when the going gets tough the French get going.

    I can't believe the Gunners threw it all away ! And don't ITV just love Manchester United? Why do they think everybody supports them ?! Gabby Yorath was falling over herself to say 'yes sir, no sir' to Alex Ferguson last night. And I notcied Gary Neville consulted his big book of footballing cliches again after they had won it, I can almost imagine him in an old folks home next to Mr Carisma himself, Howard Wilkinson.

    I must agree though, United played very well towards the end of the season. Van Nistlerooy has the capability to be one of the best in the world, credit where it's due. I still feel like thumping the smarmy Dutch git right between his eyes.

    Well, hold on to the memories Dansk. The Foxes are comming to eat you alive, better brush up on your strikeforce and defence if you want to stop us. Ahem !!!!

    No, congratulations. But I really do hate Man United, and the media hype they seem to get. My perfect season next year would see Liverpool and United go down and the Foxes to win it. LOL ! Hey, maybe I could write that in the Watchtower so it's classed as truth, maybe then it will all happen !!!!!!

  • Dansk

    Another jealous Midlands guy! Ahhhhhhhh this is the life - Bask, Bask, Bask!

    Red Dansk

  • Englishman

    I'm not a fan, but I do concede that Manchester United are probably the prettiest team to watch in the whole wide world.

    Prettier than Real Madrid even.

    I hope you hang on to Beckham.



  • Hamas
    I'm not a fan, but I do concede that Manchester United are probably the prettiest team to watch in the whole wide world.

    Wha ?!?! How can you honestly say they are better to watch than Real?!?!!

    Don't get caught up in the public tide of emotion Englishman. Granted, United are very very good to watch and play fantastic football, yet they are nowhere near as good as Real. Real took them for fools in both legs, they turned up the heat when they had to. United couldn't match that.

    Credit to United, yet to say that is absurd.

    I hope Becks does go to Real. That way my two little shops in Hong Kong and Yeovil will make a nice little earner on his Shirts. I also have one In Manchester, yet it doesn't seem to do so well.

  • Simon

    c'mon ... the Real v UNited showed how poor the English game really is. United are the best in England, the richest club by a long way and have dominated things for some time but they were made to look pretty average by Real Madrid. That is football.

  • searchfothetruth


    All the times I have talked to you and you have never mentioned which team you support...Man Ure win the title and...

    we're champions.

    Oh, well, we all knew the outcome of the title when Liverpool were down to 10 men and United were given a penalty within 3 minutes of a MUST WIN game for United.

    United have also had 9 penalty's AT HOME this season. 6 of them by the same referee!

    We'll just have to wait till next year when the BEST striker in the country (Michael Owen) teaches Van Nistelrooy a thing or two.

    I won't say congrats because I am a bitter and twisted scouser.

  • Hamas


    You must remember that United NEED penalties to keep the great 'SIR' Alex Ferguson happy and make Van Nistlerooy get his stats up a bit. The ref always seems to buckle under Fergusons pressure and the 70,000 plus crowd at all trafford. It must be all those falshing camera lights going off around the ground that puts him off a bit.

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