Debating With Evolution Deniers is Just Like This

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Trying to keep this relevant to the O.P. .The amazing difference between being a footballer and a football supporter is huge. A successful footballer needs. personal attitude, confidence, a feeling of being wanted by the club and supporters. These are some of the unseen elements that can make or break a footballer. However I noted many great footballers still make lousy pundits, yet many lousy footballers become great managers.

    So in my opinion provided we keep football hooligans, football supporters, & players who don't bother training from debating, the goalposts can stay in place for a great debate with some very knowledgable "football" comments. However it also needs to be remembered not many coaches train the opposing teams players, that's saved for" INTERNATIONAL" managers.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    My Sweet Lord. Where do they come from? One amusing and insightful article and out lurch the very people being illustrated. They stagger up swinging haymakers and missing, it is vey entertaining though.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Well I am a football supporter of my club which has been a member of the football league for 108 years, in that time it's never won a major trophy. That's a long,long time and I think the biggest problem is we are crap. Should I find a new team to support?

    That's the problem with football supporters, it's always the linesman or referees fault, that the "better" team doesn't win.

    Come on Watford it's a new season.

  • OneGenTwoGroups
    I finally figured it out! What Vidqun is saying is that intelligent design is like diarrhea, it runs in your genes.
  • Vidqun

    On topic: Brazil coach, Micale, says Neymar is a monster. See, evolution in action even among the soccer fraternity.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Can anyone imagine a real football supporter debating anything, we have the brains of a derainium and our life is drinking beer, then football.

  • DJS


    I'm not so sure the local pub team couldn't hold its own. It's soccer, after all. Just a week ago a team of short, over weight amateurs held the best distaff team in the world at that time to a draw. Of course, they played defense the entire time, firmly planting 11 pudgy little bodies squarely in front of the goal for 90 minutes. I believe they were called the Colombian Olympic Women's Soccer Team.

    The strategy was so successful that the Swedish women's team copied it to perfection a few days later to earn a (NOT) hard fought win between the best women's soccer team in the world - up to that time. It seems that feigning, fainting, falling, flailing, flopping - and doing nothing but planting a lot of human flesh in front of the money maker - are tactics, at least in soccer, that can prove effective against the most powerful opponent. So there is hope for the pub squad. At least in soccer.

    Now if you had selected American football . . . . (or any other REAL sport that requires offense and defense where they actually have a chance to score)

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Oh " Good Grief" DJS have you never read Charlie Brown, and the stories of his baseball team of losers. Yet they never give up. Good old Charlie Brown.

  • cofty

    Defending deep will not prevent a good team from scoring. USA are just not very good.

  • ttdtt

    By the way - even when there are only 2 possibilities - it does not mean they are equally likely - like a 50/50 chance.

    And what Louis Pasteur did has NOTHING to do with evolution.

    Better way to look at it is...

    Go to any natural history museum - they often have MILLIONS of pieces of evidence on evolution.
    Learn about how DNA evidence is conclusive on its own merits.

    The other side of the argument has this evidence.
    Well I don't want to die forever - so there has to be a god.
    And I just don't understand evolution - so there has to be a god.
    There is unfortunately - no evidence besides wishful thinking.

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